The Duress Portal

Security Management for Your Organisation

The Duress Portal is the central security portal for your organisation. Whether you have a few staff members or thousands, the Duress Portal allows you to review any emergency incidents, add and remove users or transfer licenses, as well as see detailed statistics on your staff status and emergencies.

Connecting your Staff Real-Time Safety, and Your Safety Procedures, all in one place .

User Management

Intuitive user management.

Manage your users from anywhere with our cloud-based security command dashboard. Assign, track and configure licences for all of your staff members. Monitor staff platform usage.

Safety Reports

Emergency Reporting

View employee details, live & recorded emergency video feed, comprehensive emergency reports with start-time, end-time, outcome, location and emergency triggers.

Your Cloud Based Security Centre.

Live Notifications

Live notification feed

Receive live notifications via the dashboard on reported emergencies as soon as they occur.

SMS Alerts

Receive real-time SMS alerts during emergencies

As soon as an emergency is declared, your nominated staff members also receive notifications and updates of the incident. This allows you to know in real time the status of any emergency your staff are facing.


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