asset Tracking

We’ve made it quick and easy to deploy asset tracking into your business. Our complete range gives you the choice to buy, rent or bundle.


Our rental plan is a pack that includes the hardware and you preferred Track Plan in one simple monthly fee. Rental is over 24 months after which ownership passes to you and you'll only pay for you preferred Track Plan

You can cancel the rental at any time in the first 24 months by returning the hardware and a one-off payment of just $99

Now that's what we call fair!


Buy the hardware outright and subscribe to our month by month service plan which includes 30 second update, unlimited platform and App access along with a data and SIM cost

Track Plan start at $14.00

Bundle -Deal

The Bundle deal is a firm favourite for large and small business alike. The package includes your choice of hardware and the first 12 months preferred Track Plan.

After the first 12 months choose between a Track Plan on a month by month basic.

Alternatively, buy an annual plan at the discounted rate from just

SU-6500  Battery Powered Asset Tracker

SU-6800 Mini Battery Powered Asset Tracker

SU-6800 Heavy Duty Battery Powered Asset Tracker.

SU-8000 x Battery Powered Sensitive Freight Asset Tracker

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