What are asset trackers?

Asset trackers are generally self-powered (up to 5 year battery life) GPS tracking devices used to locate, manage and monitor the movement of non-powered assets.

Asset trackers are commonly found in industries such a mining, agriculture, building and construction, oil and gas, and a range of service and rental based business.

GPS  Asset trackers provide a location based on a number of triggers, including time, movement and in some cases exposure to a change in light, temperature or humidity.

This data is transmitted across the mobile network or where there is no mobile coverage, data can be sent via satellite from almost anywhere.

what are asset trackers

Asset maintenance

Raise maintenance alerts based on time, distance or run time,

what are gps trackers


Generate alerts based on conditions , for example: movement or entry/exit from locations

what are gps trackers


Get location updates based on time, distance or activity

what are gps trackers

Save time

Manage logisitics by allocating nearest asset to customer sites


  • Containers
  • Lighting Towers
  • Generators
  • Skip Bins


  • Boats
  • Jet Ski
  • Bike
  • Trailers
  • High Value Shipments
  • Plant Equipment
  • Portable Road Signs
  • Portable Toilets
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