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More About Paul Delaney

More About Paul Delaney

Owner of Simply Unified

Paul Delaney’s history with technology and communication products dates back to the 1980s when mobile phones initially launched. At that point, the phones were large brick-like objects that could make and receive phone calls.

As time went on, Paul honed his craft working with some of the largest telecommunication companies in the United Kingdom. At the same time, he started his own business while working nights.

Paul became familiar with GPS and tracking systems while collaborating with General Motors and OnStar. Paul realised that by improving tracking capabilities and linking various devices, there would be a smoother and a better functioning network for clients.

Paul is a self-made man and rightfully proud of it. When he left school, he had no skills in the area of technology. Calling himself a visionary and not a techie, Paul relies on his vast accumulated knowledge as well as his strong ethical beliefs to guide Simply Unified and shape it into a successful global entity.

Paul is quick to remind you that he is not a marketing guru or CPA. He refers to himself as a “hard-working, honest guy who wants to make customers happy and make a reasonable living while doing that.”

Giving back is important to Paul. Personally, he aids his community by working as a volunteer firefighter.

Under Paul’s guidance, Simply Unified gives back each Christmas by forgoing traditional corporate gifts. Instead, each year a charitable endeavour receives donations from Simply Unified in the name of their clients.

Our History

Since 2006, the Simply Unified team has strived for one goal; to bring the best available safety and GPS tracking systems to Australia and the world.

Our first site, Myionu, was launched in 2006. Simply Unified followed in 2016.

Company founder, Paul Delaney, saw a need for a single source for products on an Australian platform. He wanted a company that could meet the customer’s needs by providing high-quality products with excellent customer support.

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