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Our History

Since 2006, the Simply Unified team has strived for one goal; to bring the best available safety and GPS tracking systems to Australia and the world.

Our first site, Myionu, was launched in 2006. Simply Unified followed in 2016.

Company founder, Paul Delaney, saw a need for a single source for products on an Australian platform. He wanted a company that could meet the customer’s needs by providing high-quality products with excellent customer support.

What Products Does Simply Unified Offer?

Simply Unified sells high-performance devices for tracking. All of the products are on an easy to use platform and are available at various price points. These include:

Why is the Australian Platform Important?

While many online tracking and safety devices are easy to find from Internet sources, not all of these devices have proper approval for use in Australia. If the product does not meet approval standards for use in the country, you have a good chance of the system not working properly.

While some of the trackers are available at cut-rate prices, this does not guarantee the quality of the device. If you purchased your tracker from a foreign store or website, you are also at risk of having no warranty or replacement option. Typically, the price difference between a product from a random online retailer and one from Simply Unified is about 20%.

Additionally, Paul believes that if your safety and assets are worth investing in a tracking or safety device, you should not need to think about if it will work properly. It is also in your best interest to purchase the right product for you.

Who Do We Serve?

Simply Unified gladly serves individual customers who find their business online, through word of mouth, or other advertisements. Typically, the customers of Simply Unified are from various businesses. Even though Simply Unified works with some of the top 500 top Australian businesses, the company believes that all customers deserve the same great service to sole traders, small shops, and medium-sized businesses.

We are proud of the fact that we receive product enquiries from across Australia and New Zealand, as well as from all over the world. We supply products to the UK, as well as Canada and the United States; generally for divisions of a corporation with multiple locations wanting all trackers and safety devices on the same platform to ensure ease of management.

Simply Unified does offer discounts based on the number of units you are buying.

Our Product Standards

Even though there are a wide variety of products designed for GPS, tracking, and security use, Simply Unified has a specific set of criteria all products must meet before they can be part of the inventory.

  • A product must meet the minimum Australian standards to which all suppliers and retailers are beholden. These standards include but are not limited to, design, composition, packaging, performance, or processing.
  • The origin of a product is a concern to Simply Unified. While the price is a concern, it is not the most important factor in choosing products. Any manufacturer with questionable production standards or known ethical violations will not have its products in Simply Unified’ s inventory.
  • Simply Unified is highly concerned about a manufacturer’s ethics. We refuse to do business with a company that does not use ethical sources or a company who employs people in sub-standard working conditions or pays unfair wages.
  • All devices experience field testing, which pushes the product past the manufacturer’s limits. For example, if a product is said to be good up to 50 degrees, our test will take the product as far beyond that temperature to see the actual point of failure.
  • All products must be easy for a non-technical person to set up and to use
  • Devices must be able to deliver what they promise

We strive to be at the forefront of technology. However, we are not in a rush to offer a product just because it is the very latest on the market. Here at Simply Unified, we want to be certain that a new product or technological method works well for the long haul before we offer it to customers.

Our Experienced Staff

As a single owner entity, Simply Unified understands that one of our most valuable resources and keys to continued success is our staff. We carefully train our workers to have a solid understanding of our products, because we believe our customers deserve to speak with an expert anytime they have questions or concerns. We know how important expert assistance is and how rare it is as well.

In the event that the staff member you speak with cannot immediately answer your question, they will give you a time and date when they will get back to you. Normally, the customer will have an answer in under 30 minutes.

If you are searching for something specific that we do not have, we will work with you to find what you need. Our employees are not simply there to move boxes. They are trained and instructed to make customer service their top priority.

Because Simply Unified has an individual owner, our staff can be flexible and is willing to take responsibility for their role in the customer’s satisfaction. Additionally, we are able to make quick decisions and go the extra mile to please our customers rather than a roomful of shareholders.

What is Our Customer Service Policy?

Making sure our customers are happy is our number one priority. We tailored the customer experience to meet our customer’s needs. In essence, Simply Unified builds customer service into the entire process of purchasing safety and tracking devices.

*It is also important to note that all of our products have a 14-day money-back guarantee.*

We focus on the following areas:

  • The Shopping Experience – When a potential customer contacts Simply Unified, we have a plan in place to take care of them. Our associates make sure to ask plenty of questions to gain an understanding of the customers’ needs.

    This is important because we know it is easy to over-sell someone on technological products such as the ones we sell. Simply Unified wants you to have the device you need, but we do not want to give you things not relevant to your needs. During the shopping experience, we want you to feel comfortable, and we will not try to push you into a purchase.

    Additionally, we do not require long-term contracts that customers often see required by other businesses with similar products.

  • The Delivery Experience – Before our customer takes delivery on a purchase, we test the item and make sure it is working properly. Once we are sure the product is fully operational, we make it live and ship it. Many customers enjoy being able to track their purchases. Normally customers receive their purchases via air freight the next day.

  • The Support Experience – All of the most brilliant technology will be useless if our customers cannot operate it. Simply Unified offers installation of our equipment. Additionally, we offer training webinars for customers who would like to learn more about using their new technology.

    Simply Unified also has instructional videos that can help our customers to gain a working knowledge of the product they now own.

    Our maintenance takes place behind the scenes because all of the products are part of the same network. However, when there are updates, new features, or improvements, Simply Unified notifies our customers.

  • The Resolution Experience – While an extremely small percentage of our customers ever need assistance because a device is malfunctioning, Simply Unified has a plan in place to help our customers if a product is not working correctly.

    • Run remote diagnostics to check system and connectivity
    • Find out where the unit is; occasionally customers leave the mobile
      coverage area and the unit will not operate
    • Immediately send a replacement unit to customer
    • Check the condition of failed equipment and honour warranty



Aside from written instructions, we offer instructional videos. We also use universal symbols on packages, so consumers know the correct operational conditions of a device.


Feel free to contact us using any of the methods displayed in our footer, and we will respond promptly.


Simply United provides a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you are not 100 per cent happy with your device, return it for a full refund.

More About Paul Delaney

Paul Delaney Head ShotOwner of Simply Unified

Paul Delaney’s history with technology and communication products dates back to the 1980s when mobile phones initially launched. At that point, the phones were large brick-like objects that could make and receive phone calls.

As time went on, Paul honed his craft working with some of the largest telecommunication companies in the United Kingdom. At the same time, he started his own business while working nights.

Paul became familiar with GPS and tracking systems while collaborating with General Motors and OnStar. Paul realised that by improving tracking capabilities and linking various devices, there would be a smoother and a better functioning network for clients.

Paul is a self-made man and rightfully proud of it. When he left school, he had no skills in the area of technology. Calling himself a visionary and not a techie, Paul relies on his vast accumulated knowledge as well as his strong ethical beliefs to guide Simply Unified and shape it into a successful global entity.

Paul is quick to remind you that he is not a marketing guru or CPA. He refers to himself as a “hard-working, honest guy who wants to make customers happy and make a reasonable living while doing that.”

Giving back is important to Paul. Personally, he aids his community by working as a volunteer firefighter.

Under Paul’s guidance, Simply Unified gives back each Christmas by forgoing traditional corporate gifts. Instead, each year a charitable endeavour receives donations from Simply Unified in the name of their clients.