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Bluetooth GPS Tracking

Protect Your Valuable Assets With Our Bluetooth Tracking Systems

In the world of asset management, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are critical. Our Bluetooth® asset tracking solutions are the perfect answer for organisations seeking to optimise asset tracking while keeping expenses under control.

With our cutting-edge solutions, you can safeguard, streamline, and capitalise on the assets that drive your business. Discover why integrating our IoT asset-tracking devices into your existing Bluetooth asset-tracking system is the smart choice.

There are many benefits to implementing tracking technology in the workplace, including that of Bluetooth asset tracking technology.

Simple Integration

Our Bluetooth asset-tracking devices have been meticulously designed for seamless integration into your established infrastructure. Equipped with straightforward integration protocols, you can effortlessly connect our devices to your present Bluetooth asset tracking system, applications, and assets. Bid farewell to complications and arduous setup processes – we ensure smooth sailing.

Extensive Device Compatibility

Choices abound. We proudly offer an array of Bluetooth Low Energy tags, sensors, and beacons that align perfectly with our asset tracking solutions. With a plethora of options at your fingertips, you have the freedom to cherry-pick devices tailored precisely to your asset-tracking needs. Whether your focus is equipment, tools, vehicles, or containers, our diverse selection caters to your unique requirements.

Cost-Effective Solution

Value meets affordability. Our Bluetooth asset-tracking solution packs remarkable value into your investment. By harnessing the efficiency of Bluetooth technology, we bring you a pocket-friendly solution that enables you to extend your asset-tracking capabilities without straining your financial resources. Embrace comprehensive asset tracking without compromising your budget, all thanks to our economical devices and lower implementation costs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to amplify your asset-tracking capabilities while maintaining fiscal prudence. With our seamless integration, device compatibility, and cost-effective solution, you’re poised to elevate your asset management practices and unlock the true potential of your assets.

Bluetooth Tags for Cold Chain Management System

Are you tired of grappling with the intricacies and inefficiencies of traditional cold chain management systems? Look no further than Simply Unified’s ground-breaking Bluetooth Cold Chain Management System – the solution that revolutionises how you monitor and track your invaluable goods.

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The Inner Workings of BLE Tags

The world of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags is fascinating and multifaceted, serving as a backbone for many contemporary applications. At its core, BLE is a wireless communication protocol tailored for short-range, energy-efficient communication. It’s a cornerstone of the Bluetooth 4.0 specification and its subsequent iterations, engineered to consume minimal power compared to traditional Bluetooth technology. This power efficiency renders BLE tags ideal for devices demanding prolonged battery life.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Until now, tracking low-value items wirelessly in real-time was cost-prohibitive, devices were balky with limited battery life. Our Bluetooth Tags are small, just  36.5 × 23.7 × 5.0mm with a three-year battery life that provides accuracy within a few meters. Our cloud software allows users to access location data and view it on a real-time floor plan using our web-based software or our state-of-the-art APP. Key Features
  • Real-time location service
  • Multiple logins
  • Customisable reports and analytics
  • Asset history
  • Multiple Floorplans
  • Notification via text and email when rules are broken
Simply Sensors APP

Learn how our solution can meet your unique needs

Tell our product experts what you’re looking for and they will provide you with solution details in minutes.

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