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GPS tracking solutions are perfect for fleet managers and any businesses that operate vehicles. They are also beneficial to individuals who want to protect the safety of their cars and other assets.

Who is responsible for the safety of staff members that are now working from home?

Do You Want to Achieve the Following?

  • Improve the productivity of your business
  • Achieve better customer service by providing accurate times on the arrival or pickup of their goods
  • Ensure the safety of the drivers by examining their movement, location, and timeliness of operations
  • Recover any vehicle that may have been stolen
  • Reduce vandalism or damage of an asset
  • Lower the insurance cost of your assets

Undoubtedly, Your Answer is Yes.

But you may think that GPS solutions are not within your budget restrictions. We have good news for you. You do not have to purchase a GPS tracker for your business. Simply Unified offers you the option to rent the device. The rental will provide you with the benefits that you can get if you own the tracking solution. The major advantage is that renting gives you a budget-friendlier approach.

If you only need a tracking device for a short period of time, renting a GPS device is the optimal choice. You are in control of the duration of the rental, whether it is per day, month, or year. Although it is a short-term option, you can extend to a longer contract.

How Does It Work?

GPS rental involves an easy-to-understand process. Simply Unified gives you three device selections:

  1. Personal Tracking for use on an individual, car, or any item to get accurate location readings with data stored in the unit or sent to a database
  2. Asset Tracking to protect your investments and log their position whenever necessary
  3. Plug and Play Car Tracker for easy to use vehicle tracking solution with real-time results

After you have selected the most suitable device for your situation, the next step is to complete the online form below.

How Much is the Rental?

  • All GPS devices cost $3.99 per day.
  • The minimum rental period is seven days.
  • A one-time payment of $39 will be applied to each unit you rent, irrespective of the length of rental. This charge includes unit delivery, activation, and collection.
  • We require a deposit of $99 on each unit. You will be refunded in full once you have returned the unit in satisfactory condition.
How to track assets during the coronavirus pandemic

Want to purchase a device you’ve hired? We’ll give you 20% of your total rental fees towards the purchase price!

Rent Longer for More Savings

We offer bigger discounts to those who rent for at least 30 days:

  • Save 20% if you rent for 30 to 59 days.
  • Save 30% if you rent for 60 to 89 days.
  • Save 45% if you rent for 90 to 364 days.
  • Save 65% if you rent for 365 days or more.

Calculate Your Rental Discount

What You Will Receivel

Once you have the signed the rental agreement, you get the ready-to-use device with complete accessories. All items are shipped via Startrack, which you can track by logging in to our website using your username and password. Your account gives you instant and unlimited access to a reporting suite in our web-based portal.

Rent our GPS tracker today!