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Short-Term GPS Tracker Rental

Need to Rent a GPS Tracking Unit for a Short Period of Time?

Do you have a temporary project that requires vehicle tracking? Perhaps you have an upcoming event, such as a conference or convention, where coordinating transportation or managing logistics is a necessity. Whatever it may be, it’s easier to monitor the whereabouts and status of assets, employees, or objects when you rent a GPS tracking system.

Get the benefits of real-time location tracking, including theft prevention and asset recovery. A GPS rental tracker can also provide usage data, allowing you to stay up-to-date on how vehicles or assets are utilised.

When you need a reliable GPS tracker for a temporary period, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Contact us to learn more about our short-term GPS rental trackers and how you can benefit from them. Enquire now!

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How Does GPS Rental Tracking Work?

Our GPS rental process is easy – it’s child’s play. Pick from our selection of products that you can rent: the SU-2700, SU-6800 M3, SU-3300, SU-6500, and Spot Gen 4. Some trackers are best for personal use and others are valuable for asset tracking. We also have plug-and-play car trackers available. Rental should be at least seven (7) days, perfect for short-term needs whilst providing flexibility for extended usage.

Once you have chosen the tracker, you can proceed to pay for the unit, as well as the setup and delivery. We also require a deposit, which will be refunded once you have returned the unit in good condition.

That’s it! You can begin enjoying the benefits of GPS tracking when you rent a GPS tracking system from Simply Unified.

How Much Does GPS Rental Cost?

At Simply Unified, we strive to provide you with quality GPS trackers at the best possible price. With our competitive daily rental rate of just $3.99, you get access to reliable GPS units with high accuracy—no need to break the bank. To learn the total rental cost, multiply the daily rate by the number of days you intend to rent a GPS tracking system. The longer you rent, the bigger the discount. Use our cost calculator to get a quick snapshot of your rental rebate.

Calculate Your Rental Discount

We offer bigger discounts to those who rent for at least 30 days:

Calculate your discount in seconds:

Enter the number of rental days to calculate your discount:
Your discount:

For your convenience, we provide setup and delivery for a nominal fee of $39. Please note that we require $99 to safeguard your GPS rental from any unforeseen circumstances. This deposit will be promptly refunded once you have returned the tracker in the same condition as you received it.

5 Products You Can Rent

Cost-Effective Tracking with Short-Term GPS Rental

GPS Rental Tracker Features

Having the ability to monitor your inventory or vehicles and get their location in real-time has become more critical than ever, especially in today’s tech-driven society. Our GPS rental units are packed with advanced features that can give you the peace of mind you need in safeguarding your loved ones, fleet, or assets. And because you can rent these GPS products for the short term, you get the technological benefits and the features without the commitment of ownership.

Real-Time Tracking

Get location updates on-demand or continuously. This feature is invaluable in tracking the precise whereabouts of your assets, vehicles, inventory, or personnel, particularly those on the move, with very little to no delay.

Battery Life

Our GPS trackers are built to last with power-saving features for guaranteed low power consumption. The longer battery life makes the units ideal in various scenarios, including remote tracking for an extended period.


Geofencing allows you to receive notifications or alerts whenever the tracker enters or exits an area you have previously defined. This feature is useful for asset protection, parental control, and other security requirements.

Mobile App & Web Portal

Access data you need on the go with a mobile app. For a more detailed view, historical location information, and access to complete settings, visit the web portal to interact with the GPS tracking system.


Our GPS tracking units come equipped with different connectivity options, namely cellular, satellite, and Bluetooth, for transmitting the data you need. You will never be out of the loop again.

GPS Trackers for Rent

At Simply Unified, we have personal trackers, great for car and individual use, asset trackers that aid in safeguarding investments, and plug-and-play trackers for quick car location monitoring.

Our units are part of a comprehensive GPS tracking system designed to ensure you are in the know of things that matter to you at all times. More than the GPS trackers, we provide seamless integration and reliable support from experts who will make sure you enjoy a user-friendly experience.

Rent a GPS tracking system from us to get access to a complete solution—Enquire about which solution best meets your needs today.

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