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Simply Unified Pty Limited Dispute Resolution Process

1. Introduction

At Simply Unified Pty Limited, we are committed to providing excellent service to our customers, partners, and stakeholders. However, we understand that disputes may arise from time to time. This Dispute Resolution Process outlines the steps to resolve disputes efficiently and fairly.

2. Definition of Dispute

A dispute is defined as any disagreement or difference of opinion between Simply Unified Pty Limited and a customer, partner, or stakeholder, related to our products, services, contracts, or any other business interaction.

3. Informal Resolution

The first step in resolving a dispute is to attempt an informal resolution. This involves direct communication between the involved parties, discussing the issue, and seeking common ground. We encourage all parties to engage in open and constructive dialogue.

4. Formal Dispute Resolution

If the dispute remains unresolved after the informal resolution attempts, the following formal process will be followed:

a. Notification

The party wishing to initiate the formal dispute resolution process must submit a written notice of dispute to the other party. This notice should include:

  • A clear description of the dispute.
  • Relevant documents or evidence.
  • A proposed resolution or desired outcome.

b. Investigation

Upon receiving the notice of dispute, both parties shall appoint a designated representative to investigate and address the dispute. These representatives will work together to find a resolution within 30 days or an agreed-upon extension.

c. Mediation

If the designated representatives cannot reach a resolution, both parties may opt for mediation. A neutral third-party mediator, mutually agreed upon by both parties, will facilitate the mediation process. Mediation aims to help parties reach a mutually acceptable solution.

d. Arbitration

If mediation fails to resolve the dispute, either party may initiate arbitration. Arbitration will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of a mutually agreed-upon arbitration organisation. The decision of the arbitrator(s) will be binding and enforceable.

5. Confidentiality

All information shared during the dispute resolution process, including documents, discussions, and outcomes, will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties unless required by law.

6. Costs

Each party will be responsible for their own costs associated with the dispute resolution process, including legal fees, unless otherwise agreed upon.

7. Compliance

Both parties commit to fully participate in the dispute resolution process and to abide by the decisions reached through this process.

8. Review

Simply Unified Pty Limited will periodically review and update this Dispute Resolution Process to ensure its effectiveness and fairness.

9. Contact Information

For dispute notifications and related correspondence, please contact:

Email – paul.delaney@simply-unified.com.au

Phone – 1300 599 540

In Person – Unit 8/3 Blackburn Drive. Port Kennedy. Western Australia. WA 6172

10. Conclusion

We believe that this Dispute Resolution Process will help resolve any disputes efficiently and fairly while maintaining our commitment to exceptional customer service and stakeholder relationships.

Effective Date: 11 January 2024

On behalf of Simply Unified Pty Ltd

Paul Delaney