Duress gives your staff the security to instantly request emergency services from their mobile device while automatically sending their LIVE video, audio & location feed to our 24/7 monitoring team who diagnose emergencies and ensure your staff are safe & protected while help is on the way.

Duress Watch

Duress watch


Watch This.

Duress Watch. Fundamentally designed and engineered to give you the fastest, most effective and most connected protection product in the world. Duress Watch resets the standard for what personal protection looks like.

Affordable protection for organisations of all sizes.

Duress Watch
$35 Per User, Per Month. Billed Annually
Duress Watch
4G SIM Card including Data
Management Dashboard
24/7 Protective Monitoring
Live Video & Audio Streaming
Emergency GPS Tracking
Duress App
$25 Per User, Per Month. Billed Annually
Lone Worker Safety App
Management Dashboard
24/7 Protective Monitoring
Live Video & Audio Streaming
Emergency GPS Tracking

*Prices shown are for annual billing, including GST. For month-to-month billing please contact our sales team.

Designed for Organisations.

Duress Watch Dock charges up to 8 watches each, and multiple docks can be connected together. It allows your team to tap their name for one touch sign in, giving personal protection to everyone in seconds.

Duress Watch Kiosk System $649.00

Includes 8 way Watch charger docking station, tablet and software.

Duress Additional Charger $150.00

Includes 8 way Watch charger docking station.

Duress APP

Australia-wide Police Assistance for Your Organisation for Just $249 Per User Per Year.

Duress mobile and watch


Duress™ gives your team members the ability to instantly request Police to their location in seconds, simply by tapping their phone. In an emergency, their phone streams live video, audio and location data to our 24/7 Operations Centre, who notify Police in seconds. Whether working alone, working in dangerous locations or working with dangerous people, Duress gives your team real-time monitoring and 24/7 protection when they need it the most. https://youtu.be/EOUEVsqswhE

Annual Subscription

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Request Police instantly
  • iPhone and Android
  • Touch Tracking
  • Earphone Tracking
  • 12-months Protection
  • A1 ASIAL Security
  • Management Portal
  • Admin Notifications

24/7 Monitoring

Australia-wide, 24/7 Monitoring & Emergency Services Dispatch.

When a member triggers an emergency, their video, audio, GPS location & profile information is instantly sent live to our top-graded 24/7 monitoring team, where certified security specialists diagnose the emergency & notify emergency services – along with all important user & stream information.

  • Manages emergencies, incidents & staff alerts
  • Diagnoses emergencies via live video & audio
  • Dispatches emergency services to location
  • Instantly notifies emergency contacts
  • Delivers live updates to nominated members
Emergency feed new min

Trusted by leading organisations

Duress monitors & protects thousands of organisations across Australia.

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