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Remote Sensor Monitoring

Senquip SU-ORB X1

Designed to connect to virtually any industrial sensor, the ORB allows remote sensor data to be available anywhere in the world.

The ORB is a Remote Terminal Unit also known as an RTU with the capability to monitor a wide variety of applications across many industries.

Unlike industry-specific monitoring systems, the SU-ORB X1 integrates up to 240 separate sensors across the whole spectrum, delivering meaningful, intelligent data anywhere.

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Air Quality Monitoring on Poultry Farms

Poultry farming is a huge business and chicken is the most popular table meat in the world.

To maintain the health and welfare of birds farmed in poultry houses, air quality including temperature, humidity and ammonia levels must be maintained.

Maximiseweight gain and egg production with a healthy environment.

Using the SU –ORB X 1t connected sensor gateway and data logger that manages and monitors standard industrial sensors. Our Poultry Farm Air Quality Monitoring system records Shed Temperature, Humidity and Ammonia level.

In addition, the SU-ORB X1 monitors Atmospheric Pressure, Supply Voltage and Ambient Temperature.

Data is sampled every 60 seconds (can be configured as required) and is sent to our web-based software using either 4G LTE or via Wi-Fi.

Alerts and actions can be triggered should any sensor exceed operational standards.

Popular Applications

Here are some of our popular applications. The SU-ORB X1 can be integrated with almost any industrial sensor, so if you have sensors that need monitoring or you would like us to design a system for you, please call us on 1300 599 540, email sales@simply-unified.com.au or complete the quote request at the bottom of this page.

Cloud Services

Access to the Portal allows for viewing of data, remote setup, storage, and firmware upgrades. The ORB also can apply a secure connection to other servers.

Wi-Fi & 4G

The SU – ORB-X1 uses the latest CAT-M1 GSM network to ensure the best possible coverage whilst using the least possible power. WiFi connectivity allows for connection to local networks.

Multi-Protocol Support

Data integrity is ensured by using embedded certificates and secure communications methods.

Versatile Power

The ORB can be powered by a 10V to 72V power supply, AA batteries or with solar. An internal battery supplies power in the event of a power outage.


Users can write their own scrips to run on the ORB-X1; alternatively, ask the experts at Senquip to do it for you.

Custom Configuration

The SU-ORB X1 can be configured to maximise your ROI by integrating existing and new sensors from a range of disciplines, including Oil and Gas, Construction and more delivering centralised data on a single platform.

Simple Set Up

The SU-ORB-X1 is easy to setup and can be used on any phone, laptop or tablet in conjunction with the integrated web-server. Remote updates can be obtained using the Senquip web-based Portal.

Multi Sensors

Measures voltage, current, frequency, duty cycle, thermocouple, RS232, RS485, MODBUS, CAN bus, position, speed, pitch, roll, vibration, temperature, pressure.


GPS and GLONASS satellites are used to ensure accurate speed and location information.


Warning and alarm levels can be configured for each peripheral. Alerts are able to be generated for non-critical information events.

Highly Secure

Data integrity is ensured by using embedded certificates and secure communications methods.

Built Tough

The SU – ORB-X1 is designed to be used in harsh industrial environments, is IP67 rated, UV stabilised and chemical resistant.


The extensive array of built-in sensors, ability to interface to most industrial measurement devices and the rugged enclosure allows the Senquip ORB-X1 to be used in a wide variety of applications across many industries.


The ORB-X1 is designed to connect to virtually any industrial sensor or system, allowing remote sensor data to be available anywhere in the world.

Senquip Portal

The Senquip Portal is a secure cloud solution that is powered by AWS. The portal allows for viewing of current data, data storage, remote configuration, firmware updates, event forwarding and user account management.

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