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Personal Tracking

Personal tracking systems for children, teens, health care, pets and adventurers!

How Does Personal Tracking Work?

Locating and keeping track of remote workers, children, seniors, pets, luggage, and just about anything is easy with personal tracking devices.

These trackers typically collect location data using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, allowing it to receive signals from GPS satellites to determine its exact location. Certain trackers also use cellular networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and sensors, which allow the device to monitor continuously, even when GPS receivers are weak or unavailable.

These communication methods will transmit data to either a cloud-based platform or a central server in real time or at regular intervals. You can access your location data and history through a mobile app or web portal. You can also set the tracker to send you alerts based on predefined conditions or criteria, such as when your pet arrives at a specific area.

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Personal Tracking

Safety in Remote Areas

One of the primary uses of personal trackers is to enhance safety in remote and isolated areas.

These trackers are invaluable should emergencies arise, thanks to their emergency alert features, such as a built-in SOS button. If you get injured or lost, you can simply press that button, which will immediately notify emergency services or your crisis contacts of the situation.

Whether you’re trekking or going on an adventure in a distant location, having a personal tracking device can give you peace of mind. The tracker can share your real-time location with family members or friends, even in areas where network connections are spotty.

You can also define geographic boundaries through a feature called geofencing, which alerts designated contacts if you enter or cross a restricted zone.

Personal Tracking Solutions We Offer

Safe and Secure

All products are fully approved for use in Australia, and come with secure access.

Our Range of Personal Tracking Devices

Introducing our cutting-edge personal tracking range, boasting innovative solutions designed to monitor and enhance your safety. Our personal tracking devices leverage the power of advanced GPS technology, providing a wide range of features to cater to various unique needs. Whether you are searching for a tracking device that optimises your activities or one that ensures your loved one’s safety, we have the solution for you.

Explore options, from the high-rated Spot devices, including Spot X, Spot Gen 4, and Spot Trace, to the ever-reliable Duress line, including Duress Phoenix and Duress Falcon.

Not sure which suits your needs? We’re here to help. Contact us or fill out the form on this page to let us know how we can assist you.

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Our personal tracking units come with a lifetime product warranty, no lock-in contracts and a no quibble 14-day money back guarantee.

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