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Video Telematics

Monitor your drivers behaviours with our Video Telematics solution. Don't compromise your drivers safety, our integrated AI software monitors driver behaviour to ensure safe driving.

What is Video Telematics?

Video Telematics is a powerful, cutting-edge technology revolutionising fleet management by combining video footage and telematics data. The integration of the two gives fleet managers valuable insights into driver performance, behaviour, and safety – all in real time.

Fleet video telematics utilises cameras installed inside vehicles for capturing and storing video footage of the driver’s behaviour. Cameras can be arranged to record the road and the driver simultaneously. Fleet managers can then use the data to view the driver’s actions and the environment comprehensively.

Telematics can also refer to vehicle data transmission through telecommunications devices that communicate with a cloud-based platform or a central server. The data can involve the collection and analysis of different parameters, often including acceleration, GPS location, and vehicle speed.


How Does Video Telematics Work?

Video Telematics works by integrating video cameras to capture road and driver behaviour video footage. This footage is used together with telematics data acquired from different devices and sensors to learn about the driver’s actions, vehicle location, and speed, among others.

Single or multi-lens video cameras are strategically positioned within the vehicle, typically on the front windscreen, cabin, or rear-view mirror. Depending on their position, they can capture the road ahead, along with the vehicle’s interior and the driver.

Whenever the vehicle operates, the cameras continuously run and save footage in an onboard storage device or the footage is sent to a cloud-based platform in real time. The acquired and stored telematics videos will then be synchronised and integrated with telematics data to get a comprehensive insight into driver behaviour and fleet safety.

What Types of Data Can Be Captured by Video Telematics?

The footage makes identifying distractions and adherence or non-adherence to traffic rules easier whilst reviewing near-misses, harsh manoeuvres, collisions, and other critical safety events.

It also incorporates GPS technology to keep track of the vehicle’s precise location, including the route and geofencing in real time. Our devices can collect speed and acceleration data, including the vehicle’s acceleration rates, speed changes, and velocity. Useful in monitoring speeding accidents and identifying possible aggressive acceleration.

Other data captured using video telematics include braking intensity and frequency, as well as seatbelt usage, to learn about driver compliance with seatbelt regulations. It works with the vehicle’s diagnostics system to collect data on fuel consumption, engine performance, maintenance requirements, and more.


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Benefits of Video Telematics

Video Telematics captures a gamut of data, providing several benefits for organisations to manage their fleet effectively. From technologies like collision avoidance and fleet tracking to lane deviation and fuel economy, there is a lot to gain from using this solution, particularly for commercial fleets. Here are four compelling reasons why:

Increased Safety

With real-time insights into driver behaviour, fleet managers can identify and address unsafe habits, such as erratic lane changes, phone use whilst driving, and harsh braking, which increase the risk of road accidents.

Improved Driver Performance

Video Telematics lets fleet managers obtain objective data to assess driver performance. Telematics data and video footage can be reviewed later to identify areas for improvement and provide targeted driver coaching if necessary.

Reduced Operational Costs

Analysing telematics data allows fleet managers to plan for efficient fleet size and composition utilisation and ensure each vehicle’s timely maintenance. This optimisation results in cost savings and improved overall performance.

Enhanced Productivity

Data from Video Telematics can help fleet managers optimise routes for better fuel efficiency and decrease idle time, as well. Vehicle maintenance is also easier to schedule, reducing downtime, as telematics can be integrated with vehicle diagnostics.

Incident Footage

Simply Unified Video Telematics solution uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor driver behaviour. Alerts are raised and sent to fleet managers.

Footage from the front and driver-facing cameras is recorded and forms part of the alert. Footage can then be used to educate drivers. The driver will hear is a verbal message from our camera advising of the incident.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Joe & Carol MolloyWA
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Just to let you know that we are very happy with the personal tracker SU-8000 P for our daughter who is profoundly disabled and non verbal.It gives us peace of mind to know exactly where she is at all times when she is out and about with support workers.Thanks again for your help and advice.
Carolyn WattQuarry Contracting
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The benefits to our company for using Simply Unified’s GPS Asset & Vehicle Tracking systems have been enormous.We can see in ‘RealTime’ where our vehicles are located which is priceless for providing customers delivery and ETA times – all without having to contact staff.The ability to monitor usage – speeds and odometer is also useful for servicing schedules. It’s comforting to know that our equipment is monitored, I can sleep at night knowing that in the event of theft (all too common nowadays) I have a heads up to tracking our assets down.
Frank Peronace Director. Skheme Pty Ltd
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Simply Unified’s Personal Tracking Device has been invaluable to us to keep us informed of the whereabouts of our ageing (but very active) mum, giving us peace of mind that we can quickly locate her if need be. The device, with its long battery life and small size, makes it very easy to ensure that it is always on her person and always with enough charge for proper operation.
Frank Peronace Director. Skheme Pty Ltd
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Simply Unified’s Personal Tracking Device has been invaluable to us to keep us informed of the whereabouts of our ageing (but very active) mum, giving us peace of mind that we can quickly locate her if need be. The device, with its long battery life and small size, makes it very easy to ensure that it is always on her person and always with enough charge for proper operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

After identifying your organisation’s objectives and requirements, you can pick the solution that best integrates with your current operations and will accommodate your future needs. As much as possible, look for a scalable and flexible solution in terms of customisation.

Invest in high-resolution cameras with wide-angle lenses to get better clarity and visibility. Look at its data capture and real-time monitoring capabilities, as well.

You can use a dashcam that can be mounted on the windshield to give you video footage of the road. You can have inward and outward cameras, as well, both in full high definition with wide-angle capture and a 90-degree tiltable camera angle.

Some also use side-view cameras installed on the sides of the vehicle and are useful for capturing blind spots. They’re excellent for detecting lane departures and interactions with cyclists and pedestrians.

Yes, we do. Simply Unified offers advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make monitoring driver behaviour easier and more efficient to achieve fleet safety. It uses Qualcomm, machine learning, and edge AI all rolled into one to give you an intelligent solution that raises and sends alerts directly to fleet managers. These alerts range from distracted driving, tailgating, and harsh braking to lane drifting and exceeding posted speed limits.

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