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GPS Tracking Solutions Simplified

Get all the benefits, from monitoring the movement of your assets and vehicles to using real-time data to make informed decisions with our GPS trackers.

Why Work With Simply Unified

GPS tracking is for everyone, whether you’re an individual or a small business owner. You can use our GPS tracking devices and solutions to improve operational efficiency. How many times have you realised that you could have reduced fuel costs and downtime if you took the shorter route? Now, you don’t have to wonder. 

Our GPS trackers can also provide near-accurate delivery estimates to your customers. At the same time, you can use these solutions to enhance the safety and security of your employees and other valuables. With these GPS tracking devices, you can get real-time location data so you can respond quickly and effectively.

GPS Vehicle Tracking For Your Fleet

Manage your fleet better with our GPS vehicle tracking solutions. Install and track vehicles whenever, wherever. With vehicle tracking, you can monitor where the cars are located, their status, and even their speed in real time. Accurate data can give your small business many advantages, including optimising routes and improving vehicle utilisation, which both lead to significant cost savings.

Installing tracking devices for vehicles benefits the customers, promoting a better experience for them whilst helping your business build customer loyalty. Aside from the customers, our vehicle trackers can help in improving driver behaviour, reducing harsh braking, idling, and speeding.

For increased safety and savings, learn about our vehicle tracking solutions.

Asset Tracking Made Simple

Asset tracking is not always a popular subject amongst small businesses. However, it is quite essential for firms whose operations rely on physical assets. At Simply Unified, we have GPS asset tracking solutions to help you simplify the tracking of valuable assets, including tools, equipment, and inventory. With asset tracking, you can reduce the risk of loss and theft whilst improving asset utilisation.

The right asset tracking GPS solution for your small business can improve operational efficiency and customer service. Even small and medium firms can have issues with inventory tracking. You can make everything more straightforward with asset tracking software, where you can access real-time data with just a few clicks.

Wide Range of Solutions

At Simply Unified, we make sure that you and your business benefit from our GPS tracking devices and solutions. We offer GPS tracking to monitor and manage your fleet and other assets. When you have essential data at hand, you can be more efficient, productive, and confident, especially in making reasonable decisions. Above all, you can be sure your assets and your lone and remote workers are safe and secure. Simply Unified also offers video telematics and the Simply Sensor platform to connect to virtually any sensor anytime and anywhere.

By leveraging the power of GPS technology, your business can gain valuable insights to support your operations whilst optimising your resources. Include regular GPS monitoring with the right asset tracking software and other GPS solutions and eventually position your business for long-term success.

Key Features of Our GPS Tracking Solutions

Whether you have a small team, a medium-sized business, or a large organisation, we have a suitable service plan for you. Buy or rent with no set-up fees and long-term contracts. Make sure to book a demo to get a feel of the premium features and see if our solution suits you. For a quick quote, please tell us your requirements using the form on the website to receive our price details.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Satellite technology lets you track employee, vehicle, and asset location and movement all in real time. You can also access their historical location data to analyse movement and usage patterns.

Custom Alerts and Notifications

Receive alerts based on predefined conditions, like a vehicle entering or exiting a particular location. Know when an asset is moved without authorisation. Get notified instantly so you can respond quickly and accordingly.


Use GPS tracking devices to create virtual boundaries around a job site or other specific areas. An action is triggered whenever a driver or asset enters the location, such as sending you a notification.

Integration with Other Systems

Gain a more comprehensive view of your operations to make smarter choices for your small business. Our GPS tracking devices can be used with other systems you may have in place.

GPS Tracking Solutions We Offer

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Joe & Carol MolloyWA
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Just to let you know that we are very happy with the personal tracker SU-8000 P for our daughter who is profoundly disabled and non verbal.It gives us peace of mind to know exactly where she is at all times when she is out and about with support workers.Thanks again for your help and advice.
Carolyn WattQuarry Contracting
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The benefits to our company for using Simply Unified’s GPS Asset & Vehicle Tracking systems have been enormous.We can see in ‘RealTime’ where our vehicles are located which is priceless for providing customers delivery and ETA times – all without having to contact staff.The ability to monitor usage – speeds and odometer is also useful for servicing schedules. It’s comforting to know that our equipment is monitored, I can sleep at night knowing that in the event of theft (all too common nowadays) I have a heads up to tracking our assets down.
Frank Peronace Director. Skheme Pty Ltd
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Simply Unified’s Personal Tracking Device has been invaluable to us to keep us informed of the whereabouts of our ageing (but very active) mum, giving us peace of mind that we can quickly locate her if need be. The device, with its long battery life and small size, makes it very easy to ensure that it is always on her person and always with enough charge for proper operation.
Frank Peronace Director. Skheme Pty Ltd
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Simply Unified’s Personal Tracking Device has been invaluable to us to keep us informed of the whereabouts of our ageing (but very active) mum, giving us peace of mind that we can quickly locate her if need be. The device, with its long battery life and small size, makes it very easy to ensure that it is always on her person and always with enough charge for proper operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the real-time location information you get, you can quickly track where a particular asset is. Our GPS trackers have a Recovery Mode that you can switch on using a dedicated app. By activating this feature, the tracker will provide you with updates on updates that may have gone missing. Live tracking will immediately be available in the app so you can begin asset recovery.
Geofencing is a location-based technology used to create a virtual fence around an area, such as a property, building, or worksite. You will receive a notification if a person or asset enters or leaves that geofence. This alert will be directly sent to your smartphone or a centralised system, which will then trigger a specific event.
Simply Unified offers GPS vehicle tracking devices that have the ability to raise alerts so you do not miss any scheduled or periodic repair/maintenance. They can also provide you with location updates, which include time, distance, and activity. Use the GPS trackers for route optimisation to save time and fuel by finding the nearest vehicle to a customer’s location. Our trackers also give information regarding driver behaviour, seat belt data, and more.

Asset management is so much easier when you have the tracking device you need. A GPS asset tracker lets you monitor an asset by giving you its location in real time. You can opt to get periodic updates, such as hourly or every 30 minutes, to save power. But don’t worry; these trackers are rechargeable, so you can continue using them to track your fleet after a full recharge.

A Wi-Fi asset tracker uses a special Wi-Fi tracking tag that scans access points to locate assets and transmits data via antennas and routers. Here at Simply Unified, we have both GPS and Wi-Fi asset trackers, so you can keep monitoring assets based on your requirements.

Because we only have high-quality products, we offer lifetime warranties for our GPS trackers. If the device you ordered does not work as expected, you can get a full refund if reported within 14 days of purchase. Should you have any queries, complaints, or requests, all you need to do is to contact our customer support line. We provide unlimited support, including 1:1 web training, without additional charges.

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