Looking to start your own
GPS Tracking Business?

White label and fully managed solutions available.

What's the difference between white label and a fully managed solution?

White label solution.

Our white label solution is aimed at resellers who have the ability to bill end users directly for service.  

You’ll make a margin on the hardware and a margin on the service fee.

Our white label solution provides you with a branded Web based portal.

Basic Commercials 

Hardware billed at White Label reseller rate with volume discounts available.

You’ll be billed on a per device basis for each active unit.

We are also able to provide you with Telstra data sims for use in the devices.

The devices are supplied in plain white boxes and come with 12 months warranty.

We are able to provide customised branding.

You’ll make a margin on the hardware and a margin on the service fee each month.

White Label Overview

  • Your own branded tracking system
  • Ability to set your own service plans and offers
  • Margin on hardware
  • Monthly revenue from Service Fees
  • Optional hardware package branding

Apply now to become a White Label Leseller!

Fully managed solution.

A fully managed solution is a ready to go, Simply Unified branded reseller program. 

Devices are in retail branded packaging and include Sim card and in the case of battery powered devices , we install and include the batteries.

Basic Commercials

Hardware billed at Managed Reseller rate with volume discounts available.

Device boxes are branded as Simply Unified

We will bill  the end user for the Monthly Service Fee and pay you a trailing commission for each active service. The service fee also provides the end user with a lifetime product warranty.

We manage the product warranty directly with the end user in the unlikely event of an issue with any of our products.

Fully Managed Overview

  • Simply Unified Branded
  • Trailing commission on Monthly Service Fee
  • Risk free billing - We take care of the billing and risk
  • Margin on hardware
  • Lifetime product warranty

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Valued added additional services available for both White Label and Fully Managed Resellers

Virtual Warehouse

No need to have your own warehouse!

Using our Virtual Warehouse, we’ll provide secure, insured warehouse space which means you can benefit from ordering volume based discounted product.

Your stock can be shipped as you need it directly to you or direct to your customer using our Direct Dispatch service.


Direct Dispatch

Save time and money!

Shipping can eat into profit margins. Using our Direct Dispatch service to send orders directly to your clients can save on “double handing”

Not only can this save time when you are out of stock and keeping your customers happy but you’ll save money too on freight by only.  Direct Dispatch uses StarTrack Overnight service. 

When used in conjunction with our Virtual Warehouse, your profit margin can increase dramatically!

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