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Case Studies

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Ventora Glass Australia

VENTORA Glass Australia

Client Overview

  • Company: VENTORA Glass Australia Pty Ltd
  • Industry: Glass manufacturing and distribution
  • Solution: Asset tracking
  • Region: Australia

Problem Identification

VENTORA Glass Australia was confronted with a critical issue
in tracking their distributed glass frames. The main problem
was the unpredictable return of these frames, which disrupted
their supply chain.


Hear from Our Client

Matt SmartJEM Leader VENTORA Glass Australia
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We knew we had glass frames travelling throughout the country, however we had a suspicion not all of them were being returned in a timely manner if at all. We get a customised weekly report that tells us where our assets are. If the locations do not look right we can dig into the trip history and find out where they came from and who has handled them besides ourselves.

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