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The SU-6500 is a small, lightweight and robust battery-powered tracking device.

GPS Format.

Location is obtained using our high-precision GPS/GLONASS technology.

WiFi Format

The WiFi version of the SU-6500 uses WiFi positioning for indoor and outdoor tracking. In addition to WiFi, the SU6500 WiFi uses mobile phone masts as a fallback.

No Lock-In Contract

Notice: batteries are included on all Asset Tracking Devices
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Real-Time Tracking

Optional Immediate updates on:

  • Trip start
  • Trip end

Recovery Mode

The SU-6500 Mini can be remotely switched into Recovery Mode which switches the device to do live tracking and reporting – so that you can get your asset back!

AssistNow Offline

The SU-6500 will track successfully where other devices just give up.

This fantastic technology allows the GPS to predict which satellites are in orbit above it and to dramatically reduce the time-to-first-fix of the GPS, and the overall performance of the GPS, especially in ‘urban canyon’ or forested environments

G-Force Events

A future firmware version will allow for harsh G-force detection (like assets being dropped or involved in accidents) and report these to the server


The SU-6500 Mini has the capacity to hold hundreds of geo-fences that can be downloaded to it from the server. The SU-6500 can use this geo-fence information to:

  • Implement arrival and departure alerts
  • Implement speeding zones with audible warning alerts
  • Implement “No-go” and “Keep-out” areas
  • Automatically control outputs, for example to switch on warning lights when inside a special area
  • Warn drivers when approaching dangerous intersections
  • Disable data communications within intrinsically safe areas

Low-profile IP67 rugged housing

Low-profile IP67 rugged housing The IP67 rated housing is made of sturdy ABS/Polycarbonate plastic to survive bumps and knocks and to survive many years in the sun and weather. It is low-profile making it easier to mount in the corrugation on containers or concealed on the underside of a trailer, for example. The housing screws together for easy assembly, and has 2 convenient mounting tabs. It also has ‘strap slots’ allowing the SU-6500 to be cable tied or metal strapped to an asset. Dimensions: 85 mm x 63 mm x 24 mm (including mounting tabs) Weight: 160 grams with batteries



AAA size: The SU-6500 uses 3 x “AAA” size 1.5V alkaline or lithium batteries Off-the-shelf 1.5V Lithium: The SU-6500 should be fitted with off-the-shelf 1.5V Lithium batteries for operation in cold temperature conditions, or to offer the maximum battery life. These are readily available from retail outlets, for example Energizer Ultimate Lithium.

Battery Life with Adaptive-Tracking

Battery Life with Adaptive-Tracking

The SU-6500 can be set to use Adaptive-Tracking technology where the accelerometer and GPS or WiFi data are used to intelligently work out if it is moving and to send frequent updates, and to scale the update rate down to once per day if the asset is stationary – to preserve battery life. 3 years @ one position per day (at 25°C).

Operating Temperature

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +60°C For operation in extreme temperatures, the SU-6500 must be fitted with Lithium batteries. Batteries are affected by temperature extremes and typical performance is dependent on temperature.

(4G/GPS Version) GLONASS

  • Supports concurrent GPS and GLONASS and other GNSS systems
  • 72 channel high sensitivity receiver
  • -167dBm industry leading tracking performance
  • Optimal hot-start performance.

(4G/GPS Version) High sensitivity GPS

  • UBLOX MAX-M8Q GPS module
  • Supports concurrent GPS and GLONASS
  • 72 channel high sensitivity receiver
  • -167dBm industry leading tracking performance
  • Optimal hot-start performance
  • AssistNow Offline aiding data for fast time-to-first-fix and performance in urban canyon environments

(4G/GPS Version) GLONASS

The SU-6500 uses both the GPS and GLONASS positioning systems simultaneously. This allows the device to use twice the number of satellites to get a position fix – making it faster and more accurate

(4G/GPS Version) Low Noise GPS Amplifier (LNA)

GPS signals are boosted by a special low-noise amplifier (LNA). This allows the SU-6500 to operate where normal units will fail to receive GPS signal – like in a container stack!




Internal GPS and Cellular RF antennas tuned by the RF laboratories to ensure optimal performance

3 Axis Accelerometer

The 3-axis accelerometer allows the SU-6500 Mini to ‘sleep’ in an ultra-low power state yet still wake-up when movement occurs. Future firmware versions will allow for harsh G-force detection (like assets being dropped or involved in accidents)

What is the contract term?

There is no minimum contract period. Cancel at any time.

Do you have an App

Yes, we have Apps for I-phone and Android phones

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan, charges are pro-rata

I am a seasonal worker, can I reconnect my device?

We have two options.

Option 1 – Suspend Service

We will reduce your service fee to just $5.95 per month. You will keep all historic data along with all customised portal settings, for example geofences .

Option 2 – Cancel and reconnect

This will disconnect your device and remove any historic data and customised portal settings. You are able to reconnect at anytime, however a re-connection fee of $25 applies.

Can I set up an API

Yes, we are able to provide you with a second data feed to your own server.

For more information on our service plans please Contact Us