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Duress APP

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Australia-wide Police assistance for your organisation for just $299 per user per year.

Duress is used across Australia to protect their staff. From Government Departments and large corporates, to NPOs and Community Organisations, to lone workers and office staff, Duress is providing monitored protection to those who need it most. Full details, including user profile, current GPS location and live video feed are sent to Police in the event of an incident.
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Australia-wide police assistance for your organisation for just $299 per user per year.

Duress™ gives your team members the ability to instantly request Police to their location in seconds, simply by tapping their phone. In an emergency, their phone streams live video, audio and location data to our 24/7 Operations Centre, who notify Police in seconds. Whether working alone, working in dangerous locations or working with dangerous people, Duress gives your team real-time monitoring and 24/7 protection when they need it the most.

Annual subscription

Cost per user per year: $299


  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Request Police instantly
  • iPhone and Android
  • Touch Tracking
  • Earphone Tracking
  • 12-months Protection
  • A1 ASIAL Security
  • Management Portal
  • Admin Notifications