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Safety has a ring to it.

Duress Halo keeps you safe and connected. If you ever need assistance, or need people to know where you are, simply click it and your contacts will receive your message and your location.

Halo is simple, beautiful, discrete, global, fast and always available.

How it works


Hold down on the touch sensor to activate. Halo will flash to confirm your alert has been sent

ring 2


Halo connects to your phone, which automatically sends an alert to your nominated contacts.


Your friends and family will receive an SMS with your live location.


Duress Halo.

Simply click Halo to send out notifications to your contacts requesting assistance, including live location.

Duress halo comes with 90 days free, and then is just $9.99/month.


  • Hold down the button to send an alert to your contacts
  • Nominate 3 contacts in the included Duress Halo App
  • Contacts receive your alert along with your live location

Duress Halo Ring

  • Slim stainless steel core
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Stylish Matte Black Design
  • LED on Activation
  • 7 Day Battery
  • Magnetic Charger
  • Water, Dust and Drop proof (IP67)

Size tips

Select a finger in which it’s comfortable to quickly activate Duress Halo

duress halo box 1
duress halo

Duress Halo


Halo Magnetic Charger

duress halo 3-months free

3 Months Subscription

duress halo guide

Halo Guide


iOS Compatibility

Halo is compatible with iPhone 5 and above, running iOS 13 and later.

Android Compatibility

Halo is compatible with Android 7 and above.


Designed by Duress in Australia

Real time notifications to your contacts

Incredible seven day battery

Lightweight, contoured design

Touch sensor control

Water-resistant (IP67)

Easy setup for Android and iPhone

Quick charging with the included Halo magnetic charger

Safety Technology

Encrypted Bluetooth signal

Countered Design

Custom-built touch sensor

Custom-engineered circuitry


Touch sensor

LED Indicators


Halo chip


Hold for 10 seconds to activate

Sweat and Water Resistance

Sweat- and water-resistant (IP67)

Size and Weight

Halo (Size 7):
Inner Diameter: 17 mm (0.66 inches)
Weight: 4.8 grams

Halo (Size 8):
Inner Diameter: 18 mm (0.70 inches)
Weight: 4.9 grams
Halo (Size 9):
Inner Diameter: 19 mm (0.74 inches)
Weight: 5.0 grams
Halo (Size 10):
Inner Diameter: 20 mm (0.78 inches)

Weight: 5.1 grams

Halo Magnetic Charger

Works with USB charging port


Up to 10 days of continuous standby time

Up to 100 activations with a single charge

15 minutes of charge provides around 10 days on standby time


Bluetooth® 5.0


Accessibility features help people with disabilities get the most out of their new Halo.

Features include:

LED indicator feedback

Audio Feedback via App

Not sure of size? Duress Halo comes in a range of sizes to suit everyone. If the size is not right, simply contact us to exchange it for the correct one, and only pay the postage.

Halo Size Guide

How to find the correct size

Use the dropdown menus below to help find your circumference or diameter measurement. Next, use the chart to see which ring size corresponds with your measurement to find your perfect size.


Step 1

Find a ring that fits the finger you’ve selected 


Step 2

Lay the ring on top of your ruler and measure the widest distance inside your ring between the inner edges. Round to the nearest whole millimetre.


Step 1

Cut a long strip of paper that is 5 mm wide


Step 2

Wrap the strip of paper around the base of your desired finger. For the most accurate result, pull the paper as tight as possible.


Step 3

Make sure the paper is evenly overlapped and pulled tight, and mark where the strip of paper ends.

Size it

Step 4

Measure the length of the strip of paper in millimetres. Round to the nearest whole millimetre.

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