GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking units are hardwired tracking units that can be installed in any powered vehicle or asset. Our vehicle tracking units are able to work with both 12v and 24v vehicles without the need is use voltage droppers. In fact our unit have the ability to take a power feed from 8v right up to 48v.

Vehicles are tracked live and provide an update at the start of a trip, each time the vehicle changes direction or every 30 seconds, whichever occurs first.

IVMS GPS vehicle tracking systems are full approved for use in Australia on both mobile network and the Iridium/Globalstar satellite network to provide real-time tracking throughout Australia, even in the most remote of areas.

Each product is fully tested before it leaves our warehouse with firmware being updated over the air when required.  Our units are pre-configured with a range of options, including frequency of location updates. Our devices are intelligent and can be configured to a clients specific needs.

Simply Unified Advanced AVL Mapping

Our AVL mapping is one of the world’s most advanced and feature packed mapping systems available. Our mapping platform feature the very latest Google map sets with the ability for our clients to upload custom maps, for example Arial mine view, Utilities, and even proposed developments. Access all devices from any Desktop, tablet or smartphone with internet browser capabilities from anywhere in the work

Key features

GPS vehicle tracking

vehicle maintenance

Raise maintenance alerts based on time, distance or run time,

what are gps trackers


Generate alerts based on conditions , for example: movement or entry/exit from locations

what are gps trackers


Get location updates based on time, distance or activity

what are gps trackers

Save time

Manage logisitics by allocating nearest vehicle to customer sites

gps vehicle tracking

driver behavior

Monitor driver behavior including harsh braking, excessive acceleration and more

Driver ID

Optional driver ID lets you know who is and was driving a particular vehicle

GPS Vehicle Tracking

PTO Activity

Generate activity reports and alerts of PTO activty


Detect roll over incidents and raise alerts with location and vehicle details

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Seat belt worn

Ensure seat belts are being worn. Alerts are raised when not compliant

gps vehicle tracking

Duress Button

Optional duress button improves driver safety. An alert is raised with location and vehicle/driver ID

Accident Black box

Second by second vehicle activity can be downloaded for the last 120 seconds prior to impact.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

4 wheel drive engaged

Monitor 4 wheel drive activity

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