Blackline G7 EXO

Blackline G7 EXO

Blackline has simplified area monitoring. The G7 EXO area monitoring system uses world-class cellular and satellite connectivity to deliver a comprehensive, robust area monitoring.

Blackline’s area monitoring system does this fully automatically, negating the for RFID tags, or reverting to manual systems

The Blackline G7 EXO does this automatically and intelligently.

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Full Description

The World’s First Direct-to-cloud Area Gas Monitor

The Blackline G7 EXO takes your area monitoring program to the next level. Featuring cellular and optional satellite connectivity the G7 EXO flawlessly integrates all workers with every part of your site.

EXO is built to survive in the harsh Australian climate. With a strong, rugged design, 100+ day battery life and cloud-connected technology for streamlined data collection and reporting, your entire team and worksite have never been this safe.

Total integration of safety for your workers and worksite

The Blackline G7 EXO works with G7 wearable devices and can integrate into any current safety program to deliver complete, robust area monitoring solution.

G7 EXO answers the challenges of constant toxic and combustible gas monitoring for any installation and fence lines in a single, simple platform. G7 EXO allows teams to concentrate on their work at hand by Automating long-term area monitoring and connected safety for unrivalled efficiency,

See the EXO in Action

  • Deployment — Simply place the G7 EXO in the required area. With a simple press of the “setup button”, the G7 EXO does the rest. EXO’s direct-to-cloud capability ensures updates, and data collection is fully automated.
  • Unlimited Connectivity — When comparing the G7 EXO with its competitors, each G7 EXO connects directly to the cloud. This means you are not restricted to range limits between each monitor. There is also no limit to the number of devices the network can handle. G7 EXO comes with integrated cellular connectivity supported in over 100 countries. In areas where there is no mobile coverage, there is an optional remote global coverage using Iridium satellite connectivity.
  • Longest-Lasting Battery Life in the Industry — G7 EXO works harder and longer than the competition. With up to 100 days of constant use time including a four-gas cartridge, the G7 EXO can be left for months on a single charge. There is also an option to use an intrinsically safe charge cord or even solar power, you can keep EXO running virtually forever.
  • Versatile Customisation and Integration — The G7 EXO has Two configurable outputs. The outputs allow easy integration of the G7 EXO into existing safety and control systems. G7 EXO provides several power options with 100-day battery, charge cord or solar power, with complete integration into your system at the systems or cloud level.
  • Built For the Real World — Featuring a ruggedised, aluminium frame with rubber bumpers, G7 EXO continues to work no, even in the harshest of environmental conditions. It’s designed for everyday wear and tear for workers on the go, so you can leave it outside and your worries behind.

G7 EXO works alongside workers equipped with G7 wearable monitors. Both systems continuously stream location and gas reading data to the Blackline Safety Cloud, providing a full situational overview of a business’ workforce and facility or disaster response location.

What type of gasses does the Blackline G7 EXO detect?

G7 EXO is highly configurable and compatible with our suite of G7 products and gas sensor cartridges with thousands of sensor combinations including:

Ammonia high-range ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, high-range carbon monoxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, COSH, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, high-range hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen-resistant carbon monoxide, LEL-MPS, LEL-infrared, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen, ozone, photoionization detector (PID) and sulfur dioxide

How do I change which gas(es) Blackline G7 EXO detects?

  1. Remove the cartridge cover, then pull out the cartridge.
  2. Adding a new cartridge, follow the process in reverse. Slide the cartridge into the socket, then add the cartridge cover.

To order new gas cartridges, please contact Simply Unified’s Sales Team

How often does the battery need to be changed or charged?

G7 EXO has world-class battery life with constant communication with the Blackline Safety Cloud. Battery life is good for more than 100 days under standard operating conditions.

G7 EXO battery life can vary depending on the cartridges it is supporting, ambient temperature and whether it is equipped and using the pump module for remote sampling of confined spaces.

  • In diffusion mode for the standard four-gas cartridge configuration and at normal temperatures (about 20°C or 68°F), EXO will last for 100 days.
  • In pump mode for the standard four-gas cartridge configuration and at normal temperatures (about 20°C or 68°F), EXO will last for 30 days.

EXO also comes with an intrinsically safe charging port and solar panel accessory, supporting the continuous operation. For more information regarding battery life, please contact Simply Unified’s Sales Team

Does G7 EXO detect gas coming from all directions?

G7 EXO has 360-degree gas detection based on its unique gas path that enables free gas diffusion from any direction. The G7 EXO is specifically designed as an area monitor to be sighted at specific points that allow businesses to understand the gas reading in a given area. 360-degree detection makes for a faster response to gas that enters the area.

How long does it take to calibrate or bump test the G7 EXO?

Calibration with taking about four minutes, a bump test takes approximately  30 seconds. The precise time may vary depending on the gas being used.

Our work area constantly moves , is this G7 EXO portable?

G7 EXO was designed to be moved quickly and easily. Its tough body is constructed from aluminium, plastic and rubberized bumpers ensuring EXO can keep up in the field, on the job and from site to site. Weighing about 12 kg, EXO can be easily carried on and off-site by any worker.