Blackline G7C

Blackline G7C

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Comprehensive Lone Worker Safety
The Blackline G7c is not just another widget. The beauty of G7 is that it connects your team to real people. We put the tools in your hands to watch over your team, or you can leave the monitoring to Blackline with our in-house 24/7 Safety Operations Center. The G7 Series Are IECEx and ATEX Certified.

Optional Gas Detection

The Blackline G7c Has the option to monitor up to 4 gasses simultaneously.

If you would like to add gas detection, please choose the gasses you require.

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Full Description


The Blackline G7c standard configuration device does not gas monitoring cartridge. (optional gas cartridges can be added at any time)

In the event of an emergency, the Blackline G7c connects your team members via the mobile phone network with live monitoring personnel to mobilize and manage the fastest possible emergency responses. G7’s with a standard cartridge monitor worker safety and alert monitoring personnel in the event of an evacuation, fall or health event.

All data generated by G7 wearables is location-enabled and automatically uploaded to our cloud-hosted Blackline Safety Network. Within your online Blackline Live account, it’s easy to leverage large volumes of G7 data using our Blackline Analytics software. Driven by Microsoft’s Power BI, Blackline Analytics seamlessly takes care of record-keeping, visualization and analysis.

G7 delivers complete customizability with an exclusive modular design to accommodate diverse gas detection and safety monitoring and lone working needs.

Many traditional gas detectors work like a smoke alarm, but for a range of gasses and not just smoke. These devices are only able to notify the person wearing the detector or those in close proximity of a dangerous environment.

The Blackline G7 device is connected to a fully integrated, state of the art lone worker monitoring and evacuation system via the mobile.

The G7c connects team members with live monitoring personnel to mobilize and manage the fastest possible emergency responses.

For teams working beyond mobile coverage, the G7x provides true satellite connectivity, even where most other satellite-based systems can’t, for example, in a building or where a clear view of the sky is not available.

Not just a gas detector – complete, real-time situational awareness

Blackline designed G7c to address every facet of your safety program. Their technology automatically monitors team members and calls for help, even when the worker cannot.

G7c Gas Cartridges

The G7c and G7x have the option of gas detection with real-time alerts. There are hundreds of different gas combinations to choose from.

Customisable gas detector

The G7c caters to a variety of work conditions, featuring a unique modular design that supports a selection of customisable and field-replaceable gas sensor cartridges.

Customise the Blackline G7c gas detector to target specific environments. Select either a Single, or four-gas cartridge. Then choose from a range of gas sensors including hydrogen sulphide, oxygen, carbon monoxide and explosive gases, with more in development.

Modularity means G7c can function as a single-gas detector up to a four-gas monitor. Blackline’s gas sensor-as-a-service replacement program helps teams maximise product uptime, ensuring seamless gas detection and safety monitoring while minimising maintenance costs.

Blackline has designed the G7c to address every facet of your safety program. With 3G, 4G and satellite connectivity, our technology automatically watches over team members and calls for help, even when the employee can’t.

Potential fall and no-motion events automatically trigger a pending alarm, asking you to confirm that you are OK — G7c will escalate pending alarms to alerts — these alerts are then communicated to monitoring personnel. G7c’s red SOS latch lets you manually trigger a call for help when assistance is required, automatically connecting you to a monitoring team.

Blackline G7

The G7’s connectivity allows all devices automatically upload usage and compliance data back to the Blackline Safety Network. Through the Blackline Analytics platform, organisations can see the precise whereabouts of their lone workers in addition to any hazards they were exposed to throughout the workday. Rather than manually compiling data to obtain team activity, G7c automates the day-to-day workflows, providing more data and insights than ever before.

The Blackline Analytics system provides quantifiable insights and permits teams to explore deeper into data trends helping them to empower their organisation. Through a range of reports, teams can view events and usage data per user, group, organisation, type of data or even the type of gas sensor. Date ranges or groups can also be selected to compare data side-by-side.