Iridium Edge

Iridium Edge


The Iridium Edge seamlessly integrates into the SU-1200 vehicle tracking device to provide reliable satellite communication that expands connectivity beyond 4G to a 100% global coverage.

When used with the SU-1200, the Iridium Edge provides fallback connectivity whenever Telstra 4G Cat M1 coverage is not available.

Package includes Iridium Connection and SU-1200 Iridium Edge wiring interface.

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Full Description

Key Features

Network Specifications

Message Sizes: 270 bytes (Receive), 340 bytes (Transmit)

Operating Frequency: 1616 – 1626.5 MHz

Mechanical Specifications

Size: 130 mm (L) x 80 mm (W) x 30 mm (H)

IP Rating: IP 67

Side and bottom cable exits

Environmental Specifications

Operating temperature range: -40C to 85C

Storage temperature range: -40C to 85C

Interfaces Specifications

RS232 AT command interface

On/Off control lines

Power Specifications

Power Supply Options ( 9-32V), SAE J1455 Load dump protected

Reverse Polarity Protection

Maximum Power: 1.6W  (peak for short transmit burst)

Low Power Modes: < 100uA

Adding Iridium connectivity to the SU-1200 is made easy with the Iridium Edge. Our package includes everything that’s required to deploy quickly.

How does it work?

Combining the Iridium Edge with the SU-1200 provides two communication options, Mobile (Telstra 4G Cat M1) and Satellite (Iridium).

When the SU-1200 loses mobile coverage, it will automatically switch over to Satelite, as soon as mobile coverage is available, the device will switch back to mobile coverage.

Why have both and not just Satelite?

Satellite communication is considerably more to send data than mobile. Therefore it makes sense to configure the satellite update profile differently to the mobile profile.

Critical location information such as duress, accident, roll-ver and trip start or end will update in real-time on both mobile and satellite. However, to lower satellite cost, the frequency of updates made while in a trip can be scaled back from every 30 seconds or where the vehicle changes direction to a fixed timed update of between 10 minutes to 60 or more minutes.

Detailed trip data retained.

The SU-1200 will continue to collect detailed location data based on the mobile profile, which is stored when cellular coverage is lost. Once the SU-1200 regains mobile coverage, historical data is uploaded to our secure servers.

Update overview Mobile V Satellite

Update Mobile Satellite
Trip Start Real-Time Real-Time
Trip End Real-Time Real-Time
Roll-Over Real-Time Real-Time
Accident Real-Time Real-Time
Duress (where fitted) Real-Time Real-Time
In Trip 30 second or change of direction Dependent on Plan

Complete Reliability

Iridium’s mesh architecture creates a web of coverage providing 100% of the globe from Low Earth Orbit, providing low-latency, weather resilient services. No other network provider can match the coverage, reliability, and reliability of Iridium.

Low Earth Orbit

At only Seven-hundred and eighty kilometres from the Earth, Iridium’s LEO network provides a truly global footprint, shorter transmission paths, stronger signals, lower latency, and shorter registration time than with GEO satellites.