Loner Mobile

Loner Mobile

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Full Description

Loner Mobile fits into a worker’s routine and replaces manual check-in processes. Unlike many safety monitoring smartphone apps on the market that only call a limited list, Loner Mobile can alert the Blackline 24 hour monitoring team (SOC), The trained operators can dispatch to provide exact location information to the lone worker’s location.

With simple messaging, workers can send a dynamic risk assessment of the building or environment they are about to enter.

Loner Mobile Safety App

A configurable check-in timer or welfare check confirms the employee’s ongoing situation and notifies live monitoring personnel should a check-in be missed. If an emergency incident occurs, the worker can trigger an SOS alert manually to notify monitoring personnel instantly.

Personal Safety App SOS Alert

All setting and alert profiles are automatically updated over the air. The Loner Mobile is a perfect solution for office personnel who travel, replacing manual Journey Management systems. Safety alerts can be configured to provide automatic two-way calling to monitoring staff, enabling a much higher level of situational awareness for emergency responses.