SKU: SU-1000

The SU-1000 is a small, rugged Bluetooth 5.0 Tag ideal for low-cost asset monitoring. Compatible with either the SU-1200 or SU-6800/2 tracking devices to provide location data or as a standalone using your Bluetooth mobile applications.

The SU-1000 is powered off just two AAA batteries for up to 5 years and does not require a SIM or Data plan. Attach it to almost anything to provide a low-cost asset location.

It is particularly useful for low value or smaller assets where it may not make commercial sense to attach a more robust (and expensive) device.

Notice: batteries are included on all Asset Tracking Devices
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American express
  • Direct Bank Deposit
Full Description

Estimating Range and Battery Life of SU-1000

The range between our SU-1000 Bluetooth tag and a Bluetooth gateway is anywhere from over 450m down to less than 200m.

The range of the SU-1000 tag can be adjusted by configuring the device’s Receiver Sensitivity and Transmit Power.

Several important factors such as Radio Spectrum, PHY, Receiver Sensitivity, Transmit Power and more influence Bluetooth range and subsequently, device battery life.

What is Bluetooth

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is an affordable solution for tracking both high and low-value assets

Bluetooth Tags are perfect for tracking tools, smaller equipment, or any mid-sized non-powered asset where a larger (and expensive) device does not make commercial sense.

  • Track inventory as you sell, manufacture and restock across multiple warehouse locations
  • Cold Chain Management / Other Sensor Monitoring
  • Bin Location Tracking
  • Smart Farming / Agtech Applications

Low-profile IP67 rugged housing

The IP67 rated housing is made of sturdy ABS/Polycarbonate plastic to survive bumps and knocks and to survive many years in the sun and weather. UV stable and rugged

L 80 x W 40 x H 18mm


Up to 5 years on 2 x AAs!

2 x standard “AAA” size batteries which provide a balance between size and capacity. Low-cost off-the-shelf alkaline batteries could be used or for applications that require extreme temperature or extra long-life, we recommend that off-the-shelf 1.5V lithium batteries are used. These are readily available from retail outlets, for example, Energizer Ulitmate Lithium.

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +60°C

For operation in extreme temperatures, the device must be fitted with lithium batteries.


BLE 4.2 as standard

BLE 4.2 – up to 100m

Three-axis accelerometer

Optional 3D accelerometer for movement detection and alerting (special factory run required) Not fitted as standard.

  • Data
  • Beacon signal transmits
  • Device Serial Number
  • Manufacturer Code
  • Battery Voltage
  • Transmit Power (used with RSSI for range estimates)
  • Temperature