SU-2700 Short-Term Rental

SU-2700 Short-Term Rental

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The SU-2700 device is a low cost high quality vehicle tracking system.

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  • Visa
  • American express
  • Direct Bank Deposit
Full Description

Key Features

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Live Tracking
  • Driver Performance
  • Back-Up Battery
  • Roll-Over
  • Digital Inputs for PTO Monitoring
  • 4G LTE
  • Life Time Warranty
  • Easy to Use
  • Full Support

4G IVMS GPS Tracking System SU 2700A

The 4G IVMS GPS Tracking System SU 2700A  is a robust GPS fleet tracking  device you can count on. The 4G IVMS GPS Tracking System SU 2700A incorporates streams data via the Telstra 4G mobile network to web based portal.

Superior Quality – Smarter Technology – Lifetime Warranty

Like all of our Tracking products, the SU-2700A provides more than just a dot on the map.  From smarter technology, to fixed low ongoing costs, Simply Unified are dedicated to providing class leading service backed by our 14 day money back guarantee and lifetime product warranty.