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The next generation SU-6800 is here – supercharged and more powerful than ever.

The SU-6800-2 is an IP67 rated, rugged 4G Cat-M1/Nb-IoT GPS device designed for tracking non-powered assets where super-long battery life is required without sacrificing the frequency of updates and accuracy performance.

Convenient mounting holes make it easy to mount the SU-6800-2  in the corrugation for container tracking or conceal on the underside of a trailer.

The SU-6800-2 is powered by 2 x D Cell Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) batteries for super long battery life. LTC batteries also offer continued operation in extreme temperatures.

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Notice: batteries are included on all Asset Tracking Devices
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4G CAT-M1/NB-IOT Modem

The SU-6800-2’s 4G modem is compatible with both Cat-M1 and Nb-IoT networks – enabling great new benefits. Traditional cellular network specifications (like 4G LTE Cat 9/12) are designed to provide high speeds and bandwith – to enable smartphone users to stream videos and facilitate other data-intensive activities.

IoT devices don’t need this type of bandwidth and are typically trying to solve other problems. These IoT devices require

  • Small data messages typically at low data rates
  • Long Range
  • Low power to allow for long battery life
  • Low cost – to facilitate the deployment of many millions of them

The LTE Cat-M1 and NB1 specifications allow the cellular modem (uBlox SARA R4) to be simpler and smaller. In our testing we have measured that our new Cat-M1 devices use anywhere from 1/2 to 1/3 of the power of our 3G devices to perform a data upload. The combination of this technology and the LTC Batteries yields SUPER-LONG battery life. Up to 90 000 uploads, or 10 years once hourly updates!


The SU-6800-2 is powered by Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) batteries. These batteries help achieve the optimum performance due to the following reasons:

  • Higher quality out of the box, meaning less chance of early failures compared to Alkalines
  • Extended temperature tolerance, operating temperatures of -40°C to +85°C are typical
  • High Capacity – meaning many years of operation
  • Extremely low self discharge – typically around 1%

Battery Meter

The SU-6800-2 is fitted with a Coulomb Counter which tracks the devices energy consumption. It is hard to predict the battery life of LTC batteries due to their flat discharge curve, so the Battery Meter enables an accurate battery level to be determined, enabling the following:

  • Accurate Low Battery Alerts – Alerts can be set at any level which provides enough time for new batteries to be fitted.
  • Battery Life Predictions – The SU-6800-2 can simply be deployed in the application with the desired settings for a short time (a week or so). The energy usage over this time can be determined, and from there battery life can predicted accurately – no more guesswork!


The SU-6800-2 is equipped with a Bluetooth v5 module, enabling it to act as a Bluetooth Gateway. Low-cost Bluetooth tags can be fitted to low value assets. This opens up many low-cost tracking solutions.

For example a business with 2 work sites could place a SU-6800-2 at each, and Bluetooth tags on their pallets/stock/tools. The site the assets are located can be determined by which SU-6800-2, the Bluetooth tags report to.

Tamper Detect

The SU-6800-2 housing is built with a recess on it’s underside. This enables a magnet to be attached to the asset, and the SU-6800-2 place over this magnet. When the SU-6800-2 is removed from the asset – the change in magnetic field is detected and an alert is sent to the server. Giving you peace of mind that your asset is protected.

Detailed Movement Reporting

The amazing flexibility of the SU-6800 can be set to report locations based on specific needs.

Theft Recovery

Should the unthinkable happen and your asset goes missing, with a simple click, users can switch to recovery mode and the unit will report it’s live location every 30 seconds or until the battery fail

Flexible configurations just choose the plan to suit your needs.

The SU-6800-2 can be configured to suit any business need. Configurations can be remotely changed any any time . Configurations are almost limitless . We’ve put together some of the more popular configurations.

Example 1 – Periodic updates

Using this configuration the SU–6800-2 can report a location at regular intervals, for example 4 daily updates

Example 2 – Motion based

With this configuration the SU-6800-2 will provide a location on movement staff and movement end

Example 3 – Motion based with breadcrumb

All the benefits of the motion based configuration with addition of recording an update every 2 minutes uploading the updates every 30 minutes.

Jostle Mode

This feature can be added to any profile and provides updates on small movements whilst maximising battery life. Ideal when assets are being moved around a yard

Real-Time Tracking

Optional Immediate updates on:

  • Trip start
  • Trip end

Recovery Mode

The SU-6800-2 can be remotely switched into Recovery Mode which switches the device to do live tracking and reporting – so that you can get your asset back!

AssistNow Offline

The SU-6800-2 will track successfully where other devices just give up.

This fantastic technology allows the GPS to predict which satellites are in orbit above it and to dramatically reduce the time-to-first-fix of the GPS, and the overall performance of the GPS, especially in ‘urban canyon’ or forested environments-2

G-Force Events

A future firmware version will allow for harsh G-force detection (like assets being dropped or involved in accidents) and report these to the server


The SU6800-2 has the capacity to hold hundreds of geo-fences that can be downloaded to it from the server. The SU-6800-2 can use this geo-fence information to:

  • Implement arrival and departure alerts
  • Implement speeding zones with audible warning alerts
  • Implement “No-go” and “Keep-out” areas
  • Automatically control outputs, for example to switch on warning lights when inside a special area
  • Warn drivers when approaching dangerous intersections
  • Disable data communications within intrinsically safe area

Low-profile IP67 rugged housing

The IP67 rated housing is made of sturdy ABS/Polycarbonate plastic to survive bumps and knocks and to survive many years in the sun and weather.

It is low-profile making it easier to mount in the corrugation on containers or concealed on the underside of a trailer – for example.

The housing screws together for easy assembly, and has 2 convenient mounting tabs. It also has ‘strap slots’ allowing the SU-6800-2 to be cable tied or metal strapped to an asset.

Dimensions: L 224 X W 91 x H 41 mm


LTC Batteries

The SU-6800-2 requires Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) batteries. These offer high capacity, extended temperature tolerance and an extremely low self-discharge rate for the optimal performance in tracking applications.

2 x D Cell LTC batteries Included

Battery Life with Adaptive-Tracking

The SU-6800-2 can be set to use Adaptive-Tracking technology where the accelerometer and GPS data are used to intelligently work out if it is moving and to send frequent updates, and to scale the update rate down to once per day if the asset is stationary – to preserve battery life.

10 years @ one position per day (at 25°C)

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +60°C 1

Concurrent GPS and GLONASS Tracking


The SU-6800-2 uses both the GPS and GLONASS positioning systems simultaneously.

This allows the device to use twice the number of satellites to get a position fix – making it faster and more accurate.

High sensitivity GPS


Supports concurrent GPS and GLONASS
72 channel high sensitivity receiver
-167dBm industry leading tracking performance
Optimal hot-start performance
AssistNow Offline aiding data for fast time-to-first-fix and performance in urban canyon environments

(4G/GPS Version) GLONASS

Low Noise GPS Amplifier




Internal GPS and Cellular RF antennas tuned by the RF laboratories to ensure optimal performance

3 Axis Accelerometer

The 3-axis accelerometer allows the SU-6800-2 to ‘sleep’ in an ultra-low power state yet still wake-up when movement occurs.

Future firmware versions will allow for harsh G-force detection (like assets being dropped or involved in accidents)

Flash Memory

The SU-6800-2 has enough flash to store over 50,000 data records, and will record information even when out of cellular coverage.

The flash memory is also used to store firmware updates, GPS aiding data, parameters and other important information.

A future firmware version will allow for geo-fences to be loaded into the flash memory of the device and used for geo-fence alerting on the device.