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Smart Hospital

Wirefree smart devices for the medical world


The Simply Unified Smart Hospital Solution is an entirely wireless solution connecting hundreds of sensors delivering a holistic view of the day to day activity.

Data from our sensors is collected in near-real-time or regular intervals where required.

The Simply Unified platform processes the data to provide easy-to-understand visualisation. Including detailed floor plans for internal locations and Google Maps with GPS information for externally based devices.

Both views provide an audiovisual alert which details where a response is required. Actions can include staff duress from fixed and wearable devices or where bathrooms require cleaning and waste bins that require emptying.

Locate – Monitor – Manage

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So much valuable time is spent looking for medical equipment. Our solution can provide the detailed location of any asset, on any floor, in any hospital – instantly.

Using smart battery-powered tags, our system can not only provide an up to the minute location of an asset, but our intelligent system can also provide valuable information on the last time the asset moved.


Inbuilding asset tracking is ideal for locating:

  • Beds
  • Wheelchairs
  • Portable Medical Equipment
  • Portable Maintenance Equipment
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Trolleys
  • Catering Equipment

Wireless fixed panic buttons are battery-powered devices capable of being deployed in minutes. Each fixed button is labelled with the exact location, which we then add to the hospital floor plan. In the event of an activation, Our system will notify management via email and text message, providing details of the staff member and the location of the fixed panic button. An audiovisual alert is generated on the Portal and Mobile App.

Our wearable duress button will provide location updates every 10 seconds following an activation.  In buildings, locations are provided to room-level detail using our location beacons, while the outdoor location is obtained using high-quality GPS.

An incident log and reporting also feature as part of the system.

Patients are provided with a Bluetooth wristband which is used to provide location information within the hospital. Patient locations appear on the portal using the hospital floor plan along with a location description. If a patient enters or leaves a given area, our system can be configured to raise an alert while providing staff with the patients’ location.

Our intelligent sensors can measure air quality from a simple temperature and humidity reader through a comprehensive sensor that accurately measures up to 14 critical environmental parameters. These include Temperature, Humidity, Light Level, VOC’s, Carbon Dioxide, Particulate Matter (PM2.5 & PM10), Oxygen, Sound Level, Barometric Pressure, plus up to 4 plug-in calibrated gas sensors from a range of over 200 gases/sensitivities

Deploy battery-powered wireless temperature and humidity sensors in minutes.

High and low-Temperature threshold limits can be configured from our portal or App as required. If thresholds exceeded the configured levels, an email and text messages are sent to management detailing the location and temperature and humidity reading, highlighting the out-of-limit condition.

Our cloud software allows users to access location data and view it on a real-time floor plan using our web-based software or state-of-the-art APP.

An incident log and reporting also feature as part of the system.

Smart Bathrooms

Planning cleaning of toilets and other areas is historically based on time rather than utilization.

For example, schedule a cleaner to clean a bathroom every hour.


Our Bathroom occupancy system will request a cleaner based on usage in place of time.

For example, schedule a cleaner to clean a bathroom after 20 visits.

Our system will email and send a text message with the location of the bathroom to the cleaning staff when a bathroom requires a cleaner to visit.

Busy bathrooms are kept cleaner, less frequently used bathrooms maintain a high standard of cleanliness but reduce the overall time wasted on bathrooms that do not require cleaning.


Smart Bins

Our intelligent waste bin system works on a similar principle.

Bin levels are continually monitored.  When a bin reaches a set level, our system will send an email and text message providing the location of the bin to be emptied.

An incident log and reporting also feature as part of the system.

Small, battery-powered wireless sensors should be deployed in high-risk areas where a water leak could be a severe issue. Locations would include computer rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

If a leak is detected, an alert with email and text messages automatically sent to management. The notification provides the location of the triggered devices.

Portal and App provide an audiovisual alert displaying the location on the hospital floor plan.

An incident log and reporting also feature as part of the system.

We’re Here to Help

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