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What Are Geofences

If you currently hav a GPS tracker or are in the market for one, you would have come across the term Geofence or Geofencing. A Geofence is an electronic area set on our GPS tracking software. The areas can be any shape or size you need, it is also possible to have geofences with geofences.

What to They Do?

The Geofence monitors activity within a specific area. An example of this would be a customer site. By using a Geofence, Simply Unified customers have the ability to:

  • Raise alerts based on entry or exit within a Geofence.
  • Set a speed limit and raise an alert should the speed limited be exceeded with the Geofence.
  • Generate a report to show which assets, vehicles or staff  been in a Geofence recording information including arrival time, time on site and departure time.
Example of Geofence
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Benefits of Using Geofences

Setting up a geofence around your business allows you to record when your fleet leaves and returns every day. This could easily replace a time sheet.

If your fleet follows a consistent route, geofences can be set up for each stop. This way you are automatically alerted as your vehicles progress through the work day. You can make sure everything is on schedule without interrupting your drivers. It will also allow you to see which stops take the most time. You may want to use geofences to divide areas into sales regions or even mark that nearby town who loves to pull over your drivers.

Construction firms can place geofences around job sites with expensive equipment outfitted with a battery operated GPS Asset  trackers. Then, if anyone takes the equipment outside of the geofence an alert is sent!

No-Go Zones

Geofences are also be used to raise alerts if vehicles, assets or staff enter areas that they should not. This can be as simple as a restricted area or even competitor sites.

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