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Wireless Panic Button | Room Level Accuracy – RTLS Solution

Room Level Workplace Safety

Using a traditional GPS panic button within a building will not provide any detailed location. Our solution offers accurate room-level location information in real-time, displaying a floorplan showing the emergency’s exact location.

In the event of an alert, email and text messages are sent to support staff providing full details of the location. The location can be view on a floorplan or satellite view of the facility using our portal or APP.

Our system will generate an incident report for compliance purposes.

Indoor/outdoor panic buttons
Hotel Worker

Use Case: Hotel Panic Buttons

Many leading hotel chains worldwide, including America, where panic buttons are mandatory in many states, use the Press and Protect hotel panic button service.

Australia is bound to follow suit to protect hotel and tourism workers. Employers now have a duty of care and must ensure the safety and well being of workers.

Our hotel safety system is completely wireless and can provide room-level accuracy throughout the hotel using battery-powered Bluetooth location beacons. Press and Protect uses a private LoRaWAN network to provide 100% coverage, even in stairwells, underground parking areas, and lifts were traditional mobile phone may not cover.

The battery-powered device also features high-quality GPS providing location information outside of the hotel. The compact device can be used with a lanyard or an inclusive clip and has a battery life of up to 6 months between charges.

In the event of an activation, Press and Protect will alert an unlimited number of users by text message and email, providing detailed location every ten seconds. A hotel floor plan is used to give an accurate location of the person who activated near real-time.

PinPoint Accuracy Explained

PinPoint Room Level Accuracy

Beacon settings are fine-tuned for each individual room to prevent room drifting.

No Floor Hopping

The advanced algorithm guarantees accurate floor level.

Indoor/Outdoor Tracking

GPS allows you to track an employee even if they travel outside of the property.

Real-Time Updates

Location is updated in real-time as the employee flees the location.

Variable Power Control

Our location beacons have multiple power level settings providing a finely-tuned setting for each room.

Real-Time Updates

Location is updated in real-time as the employee flees the location.

power setting

How It Works

How it works

Our workplace panic button and alerting system is part of the Simply Sensors range of wireless devices using the LoRaWAN network to provide a holistic approach to the connected workplace.

Our workplace panic button and alert comprises of three components.

LoRaWAN Gateway

Gateways will typically have a range of 300-400 meters in buildings and up to several kilometres outdoors. Multiple gateways can be used to create virtually unlimited coverage.

Bluetooth Beacon

The Bluetooth Beacon is a battery-operated self-contained device. The Beacon has a unique ID  and is used to map internal location. Each is placed in the required location, for example, bedroom, storage areas, lifts etc. The Beacons are added to the floorplan with the location information. For example Room 4501.

The Beacon has a battery life of up to 2 years and is user-replaceable (CR2477 ) transmitting its ID every 1000ms

LoRaWAN Panic Button

LoRaWAN Panic Button is specifically designed to obtain Beacon ID’s as it passes various locations. In the event of an activation, the nearest Beacon ID will be transmitted wirelessly back to our system. The alert along with the location is generated on the portal and APP. The Panic button is also equipped with GPS location technology to provide location when outside.  It is compact, light, and easy to use. The device is also equipped with the rechargeable battery to provide basic power usage.

Panic button - how it works

Our Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Panic buttons are compact push-button battery-powered devices that staff can wear on a lanyard or as a clip-on. In the event of an activation, alerts are sent to notify management by email and text message.

When the button is activated, text and email alerts with the activation’s pinpoint accuracy are sent to nominated recipients, for example, security personnel. The activation location will also appear on the hotels’ floor plan.

Yes, the alert locations are updated every 10 seconds. The update provides near real-time, accurate location information of the person who activated the device.

An unlimited number of users can be created at various levels to receive alerts. Alerts can then set up rules/escalation settings to alert different people under different circumstances. This includes alerting users off the facility. Simply Unified will help with the alert notification setup process.

Yes. These devices are wireless/battery-powered.

Typically the batteries will last six months between charges.

No, the panic buttons are a stand-alone device and  do not require to be paired to a smartphone.

No. Our beacons are wire-free, battery-powered. The battery will last up to 3 years and can be replaced.

Yes, please provide us with floor plans prior to installation, and we’ll configure the beacons prior to shipping.

Our standard Gateways with the use of the facilities internet connection. However, for clients who require 100% off-network, we can provide a 4G Gateway.

Battery-powered beacons adhere to each area that is defined as a specific location. For example, Beacons can be placed in rooms, by lifts, common areas and emergency exits, common areas, etc. The customer defines all the locations they want to include in their deployment. The beacon location is then configured in our system with the room/area assignment during installation.

This depends exclusively on the total amount of areas/rooms the building has.

Typically, one gateway on each floor (this will depend on the size of the facility).

We recommend that gateways are installed on each floor. Gateways should be installed on alternating sides of the building for each floor about one-third of the way from the inner edge of each floor.

A single gateway supports approximately 100 panic button devices that are all reporting at the same time.

The range depends on building density and construction due to walls, doors, and windows. The typical maximum range is 300 meters radius coverage from panic button to gateway. Gateways that are installed on each floor as recommended are sufficient and provide the necessary redundancy. External Gateways are also available and will provide a range of up to 10 km.

Yes, our system does require mobile coverage. The Panic Buttons use long-range LoRa technology, making it perfect deployment where mobile coverage is poor or non-existent (when using our ethernet Gateway).

Yes. Our Bluetooth beacons are placed in rooms and other desired areas to provide the location of where the panic button is activated.

  • Wireless Panic Buttons
  • Battery-operated Bluetooth Beacons
  • LoraWAN Gateways (only one per floor approximately is required for installation)
  • Our Mobile App & Browser-based Dashboard (For admin use, not required for staff to install)

Free Shipping and Handling

  • All Necessary Hardware
  • Complete Training Service
  • 24/7 Support Line
  • App Access with Unlimited Users
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