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What Are Asset Trackers?

Asset trackers are self-powered devices used to locate, manage and monitor the movement of non-powered assets. Their battery life is generally up to 10 years. Asset trackers are commonly found in mining, agriculture, building and construction, manufacturing oil and gas, and a range of service and rental based business.

Choosing the Right Solution for Your Company

GPS or WiFi Asset Tracking

GPS  Asset trackers provide a location-based on several triggers, including time, movement and, in some cases, exposure to a change in light, temperature or humidity. This data is transmitted across the mobile network, or where there is no mobile coverage, data can be sent via satellite from almost anywhere.

GPS or WiFi Asset Tracking Solutions are Ideal for usually tracking outdoor assets or where an approximate indoor location is required.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Asset Tracking

BLE Asset Tracking uses Low-cost battery-powered Bluetooth tags. Tags are read by BLE  Gateways, which are deployed within a facility. The higher the number of gateways, the more accurate the location. Location can be as accurate as a few meters with the ability to distinguish room-level accuracy, even in a multi-floor facility.

Asset location tracking can be displayed on a floor plan and an aerial view of a facility. Gateways can read thousands of tags simultaneously.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Simply Unified can combine the benefits of GPS Asset tracking with the indoor accuracy of  BLE tracking on a single solution.  Schedule a call today with an expert 

GPS Asset Tracking and Monitoring Range

Complete Peace of Mind

Our GPS asset tracking units come with a lifetime product warranty, no lock-in contracts and a no quibble 14 day money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

GPS Asset Tracking

Our range of professional GPS tracking units provide real-time tracking for your company’s important assets. Available on a web-based browser or smartphone app, you have total control of your fleet 24/7.

Safe and Secure

All trackers are fully approved for use for asset tracking Australia purposes.

Buying for a Fleet? - Fleet Discounts Are Available!

Key Features of Our Asset Tracking Devices

Wide Range of Solutions

Our range of asset tracking solutions are full approved for use in Australia with many now using the 4G mobile work as well as Iridium hybrid units providing global coverage.

High quality product with a lifetime warranty

All of our products are fully supported by a lifetime product warranty. Should our product fail as a result of manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace for as long as you are a customer of Simply Unified.

Unlimited FREE support.

Customer service is extremely important to us. We provide unlimited free support, including one on one training via our web meeting software.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it with 14 day for a full refund.

Web Based Software

Intuitive and easy to use

Our easy-to-use software makes managing your fleet a breeze. The icon-driven menu takes you directly to the information you need. Detailed information is never more than a couple clicks away, Simple and straightforward, just as it should be!

easy navigation

The information you need most

Simply Unified GPS Tracking Software has been carefully designed to deliver the information you need most when you need it. Unlike other platforms, you won’t be bombarded with meaningless mounds of telemetry data! Only useful, visual and meaningful graphic map displays, events & alerts, and excel based reports.

Get the information you need to drive efficiency, productivity and safety.

Rent SU-6800

Touch friendly live view screen

As the world becomes more mobile, touch-friendly, browser-based responsive software is becoming the new gold standard, a standard which Simply Unified meets and exceeds.

With Simply Unified GPS Tracking Software, you can do everything on your mobile device that you would normally do at your desktop!

historic trip satellite view

Conveniently reports in Excel

Get outstanding business-grade reporting. Choose from a wide range of pre-set reports or design your unique custom report.

Reports are available to be viewed online.  Alternatively download as a CSV file, Excel Spreadsheet, Excel Pivot Table, HTML file or PDF file.  All reports can be scheduled as an email on a specific regularly day, week or month.

Timeline feature highlights events & incidents

The Timeline feature is an exciting innovation unique to Simply Unified. Events, alerts and activities are recorded in the Timeline creating an instantaneous visual overview of a vehicle or assets activity.

Use the Timeline to understand any milestones and incidents quickly.

Manage Trips as business vs. personal

…or set your own trip categorization criteria. Set custom categories for trips e.g. sales, quotes, service, deliveries etc.

Easily create logbooks, business travel reports, customer service reports or any other output.


Quickly set geofences to raise alerts or record time devices arrive, leave or remain in a specified area.

The are no limits to the number of geofences permitted.

Bundle SU-8000p

SmartPhone APP

Available for IOS and Android devices

Quickly locating an asset is now easier than ever with the App. Log in on any Apple or Android device and use the live tracking facility with detailed vehicle information overlaid.

SU-8000P Personal Tracking

Easily select an Asset from the List

The App makes it simpler than ever to see where all of your assets are located or travelling in a single glance.  Click on an asset to see the live view screen for an individual asset.

GPS tracking mobile app

Live tracking with the power of Google maps

Easily switch to satellite view to get a better understanding of where your assets are. Watch your assets travel in real time on satellite imagery.

App satelite view

Movement Alert … Simple to set

Want to know when your vehicle or asset moves? Easily set a movement alert from the App and receive notifications if any movement is detected.

Movement alerts

Recover a lost, stolen or misplaced asset

Easily activate Recovery Mode from the App on trackers that are configured to only deliver daily updates for assets that have gone missing!  The tracker will begin live tracking within the App to facilitate asset recovery.

Bundle SU-8000p

FBT and Journey history

Quicky mark trip as business or private for FBT reporting. Review trip history and allocate to a job or project. Add and manage expenses.

Alerts and Reporting

See how our alerts and reporting can improve safety and increase productivty.

What Are Geofences and How Can They Help Me?

A geofence is an electronic area set on our GPS tracking software. The areas can be any shape or size you need. It is also possible to have geofences within geofences.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Until now, tracking low-value items wirelessly in real-time was cost-prohibitive, devices were balky with limited battery life.

Our Bluetooth Tags are small, just  36.5 × 23.7 × 5.0mm with a three-year battery life that provides accuracy within a few meters.

Our cloud software allows users to access location data and view it on a real-time floor plan using our web-based software or our state-of-the-art APP.

Key Features of Our Asset Tracking Devices

  • Real-time location service
  • Multiple logins
  • Customisable reports and analytics
  • Asset history
  • Multiple Floorplans
  • Notification via text and email when rules are broken

FloorPlan View

Our floorplan view is a great visualisation tool. Track assets in near real-time. Placing the Bluetooth gateways on the floorplan is a simple a drag and drop, add the description and location.

Satellite View

Using our Solar Powered LoRaWAN BLE gateway, assets can be located using low-cost  Bluetooth tags in service or storage yards without the need to provide power, mobile coverage or Wi-Fi.

How it works

Our Bluetooth (BLE) asset tracking system is part of the Simply Sensors range of wireless devices using the LoRaWAN network to provide a holistic approach to the connected workplace.

Our Asset tracking system comprises of three components.

LoRaWAN Gateway

Gateways will typically have a range of 300-400 meters in buildings and up to several kilometres outdoors. Multiple gateways can be used to create virtually unlimited coverage.

Bluetooth Gateway

The Bluetooth Gateway connects wirelessly to the LoRaWAN Network. A simple asset tracking system may only require one or two gateways in key areas, for example, the main entry/exit areas. Gateways can typically read Bluetooth TAG at a distance of 80 meters.
There is no limit to the number of gateways. For use cases where high location accuracy is required, so the number of gateways are deployed. Gateways only need a power source.

Bluetooth Tags

Tags are placed on or in assets. Tags are battery powered with a battery life of 3 – 5 years.


  • Compliance to LoRaWAN 1.0.2
  • Up to 8 concurrent channels for LoRa transmission
  • Built-in 2.4G 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN
  • Patented repeater mode for last-mile coverage
  • Option support wide frequency range from 470MHz to 928MHz Various internet connections: Ethernet, Wireless bridge, 3G/4G
    dongle (via USB port)
  • Active scan for channel availability with RSSI levels
  • Web UI for LoRa and network configuration
  • Cloud service for gateway health monitor
  • Support Listen Before Talk for downlink
  • Ideal for indoor positioning
  • Support OTA and USB upgrade
LoRaWAN Gateway

One Time Cost $299  Monthly Service Fee $5.00

Service includes unlimited access to our portal and API, uploading floorplans or site plans, Secure LoRaWAN Network, Software and App. We are also able to provide connectivity to several leading software services, for example, SAP.

Lansitec Compact Bluetooth gateway is based on Bluetooth5.0 technology and LoRaWAN. It receives nearby Bluetooth beacon messages and transmits them to the server through LoRa.

The built-in 600mAh rechargeable battery makes it last about 10 hours when not powered. The standby time can be significantly extended by changing Bluetooth receiving settings.

Key Features

  • AES 128 Encryption
  • 10 Hour Battery Back-Up
  • Compact: 97 × 62 × 7mm
  • Micro USB Charging
Bluetooth Gateway

One Time Cost $139 Monthly Service Fee $5.00

Service includes unlimited access to our portal and API, uploading floorplans or site plans, Secure LoRaWAN Network, Software and App. We are also able to provide connectivity to several leading software services, for example, SAP.

The Tag continuously broadcasts iBeacon information according to settings. It
Built-in gyroscope sensor parameters broadcast its ID when it’s moved.

Its compact size makes it convenient to install.



Key Features

  • 3 Year Battery Life
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Compact: 36.5 × 23.7 × 5.0mm
  • Lightweight: 6.2g
  • Loop or  Double-side Adhesive Pad
  • Motion Sensor
  • Activity Alert – Email and SMS

NOTE: Requires Bluetooth Gateway and LoRaWAN Gateway

Bluetooth TAG

One Time Cost $28 Monthly Service Fee $2.00

Service includes unlimited access to our portal and API, uploading floorplans or site plans, Secure LoRaWAN Network, Software and App. We are also able to provide connectivity to several leading software services, for example, SAP.

The example shown is based on a single storey building covering a radius of 250 meters with Six key locations. The total number if tracked assets is 200


Service Fees

Service includes unlimited access to our portal and API, uploading floorplans or site plans, Secure LoRaWAN Network, Software and App. We are also able to provide connectivity to several leading software services, for example, SAP.

All pricing includes GST

Our Platform

The Simply Sensor Platform has been designed to provide business with the ability to quickly deploy, monitor and manage a comprehensive range of connected devices without the need for complex coding or technical know-how.   Most of our connected devices are battery-powered and wireless using the LoRaWAN Network, Wi-Fi, Cellular (mobile) or Satellite communication options, making deployment incredibly easy

Please complete the online quote request, and a member of our team will contact within 4 business hours. Alternatively please call us directly on 1300 599 540

  • For example,. you may have six key areas where assets are stored or allocated. In this case, the answer is 6

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