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Iridium Edge

GPS Tracking Accessories

Add some more functionality to your GPS tracking system.

Driver ID

The programmable data input keypad is Compact and back-lit, this plug’nplay keypad allows data entry by simply pressing a button and is compatible with the SU-5100 and SU-5000H IVMS systems.

Each digit or combination of digits can be programmed in order to facilitate complex data entry.

Driver Identification (using a PIN code).
Select the trip type (business versus private).
Map to digital inputs for other functions like:

  • panic button.
  • logging point of interest.
  • changing driver state (on / off duty).
  • Long-press option for alternate functions Driver Identification’
    Ideal for fleets and operators that have multiple drivers for vehicles and require accountability.

Immobilise Assets

In conjunction with an installed relay assets can be immobilised for “invalid” drivers to ensure safety and security.

Download Driver List to Device

When out-of-range the tracking device can store a list of valid drivers to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Why Use Driver ID?

Where vehicles are driven by different drivers, when it comes to driving infringements or disciplinary issues, it is often too difficult to know who was driving, therefore the risk on double fines increases.

The suite of driver related reports available from Simply Unified, puts you in the driving seat – Literally!

Driver Safety with Duress

This multi-function keypad not only provides driver ID, it helps keep them safe too.