GPS Tracking

We are in the era of technology, and it only makes sense that we abandon the manual ways of tracking assets. GPS tracking is the system that companies now use to make sure they can keep an eye on their assets and equipment.

Back in the day, GPS was only for military purposes. The Navy’s navigation system triggered the existence of a global positioning system (GPS), which was first known as Navstar. Read more about the history of GPS in this article from NASA.

GPS tracking is more than just a way to deter thieves. This article gives you the list of benefits you can get when you use GPS to track your valuables.

GPS tracking is not only for tracking the goods you move from one place to another. You can also use it to know where your vehicles are. Proper use of GPS trackers can help you control your operations, as well as the mobile workforce.

So many questions may be running through your head when you see GPS trackers. Are they right for your business? How do they complement your existing procedures? Which tracker should you choose? We have the answers to all these questions and more.

Before you take advantage of this technology, we encourage you to read our blog posts on GPS tracking and systems first.

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How GPS Tracking Can Improve Worker Satisfaction and Retention

All organisations can grow and thrive with the help of excellent employee performance. Reliable workers are crucial to the success of any business. That’s why it makes sense for a firm to pay attention to worker satisfaction and retention, which are essential to reducing turnover costs whilst increasing productivity levels. Satisfied employees provide a better quality of work, including when it comes to customer service.

Employers use a range of technologies to monitor how, when and where their employees are working, including GPS tracking.

Navigating the Legal Landscape of GPS Tracking for Employee Monitoring in Australia

As a business owner in Australia, you may be considering implementing GPS tracking as a way to monitor the movements and activities of your employees. While GPS tracking can provide many benefits, it is important to be aware of the legal considerations that apply to its use. In this blog post, we will outline some key points to be aware of when using GPS tracking for employee monitoring in Western Australia.

One of the primary features of GPS is the access to real-time tracking

The Benefits of GPS Tracking

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is comprised of a network with approximately 30 satellites. The main purpose of GPS systems is to provide the location or the ground position of a certain object. It may be simple, but it can offer a ton of benefits you may not have thought about before.

SPOT X satellite messaging and GPS tracking

Personal Tracking Device Buying Guide

It’s quite interesting to look back on how we used to track things. Everything was manually done, including counting the items and writing the information in a logbook for inventory. Fast forward to several years later, the advent of GPS technology made tracking much easier with almost no human intervention. All you need to do is to check and use the acquired data for any purpose.

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Benefits of a Short-Term GPS Tracker

Every business has assets that not only cost a ton of money but are also crucial for day-to-day operations. The same goes for regular people who own cars, boats, or motorcycles. These cases require GPS trackers to ensure their assets are in the correct location to be at a particular time.

A fleet of new trucks.

5 GPS Tracking Benefits for Effective Fleet Management

Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking devices enable users, including fleet managers, to monitor and track vehicles. They are portable devices that can provide real-time data like the location and speed of a car. All the information collected can be stored for later use. Certain GPS tracking devices allow you to set up alerts for specific situations, such as when a driver deviates from their regular route.

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10 Reasons Why You Need GPS Tracking in Your Car

You love your vehicle for sure. You have spent your hard-earned money to buy and care for it. It’s also what you use to drive to work, the supermarket, or your favourite leisure point. But have you ever felt the need to track your car? Perhaps you left it in a huge car park, and you’re having trouble remembering where it is. You can find it immediately with the help of technology, specifically using GPS tracking systems.