Whether you plan on loading up the family for a road trip to the shore or you are set for a long cross-country trek, your caravan will likely make the journey much more enjoyable. However, as caravans become more prevalent in Australia, theft is on the rise. And many people are greatly concerned about the situation.

Fortunately, the same type of technology behind the GPS tracking that helps protect fleets of professional vehicles is available for use on your caravan. Using a caravan GPS tracker has many advantages and may be the ideal solution if you are concerned about security.


Using a GPS Tracking System for Theft Prevention

Setting up a GPS tracking system is more straightforward than many people think. Bluetooth-compatible systems link quickly with numerous devices, providing the ultimate ease of operation. The simplicity of use extends to monitoring with your device. Family and friends will not need technical skills to keep an eye on the caravan.


GPS Tracker Benefits

Even though the caravan tracking system is simple to use, you should not think the tracker lacks technical features to enhance your security.

  • Real-Time Tracking – You have an advantage when you can track your caravan in real-time. Because you can see its location as well as where it is heading, you can assist the authorities by sharing the information that will stop the thieves in their tracks.
  • Geo-fencing – This high-tech solution allows you to draw virtual boundaries for your caravan. If your vehicle leaves the designated area, you will receive an alert. Geo-fencing is particularly useful if you store your caravan or leave it parked unattended for periods.
  • Personal Protection – No matter how carefully you drive, there is always a chance of an accident, especially if you are off the beaten path on a holiday. A GPS can guide you if you are experiencing an emergency.
  • Potential Savings – Not only will a GPS help recover a stolen vehicle, saving you untold amounts of stress and money, but many insurance companies will offer you a discount because you have the system enabled on your caravan.


Other Vehicles

You can depend on the Simply Unified GPS tracker to secure your caravan, but the use is not limited to that particular outdoor adventure vehicle. Similar vehicles are also compatible with our GPS tracker. These include:

  • Campervan – A campervan is an excellent choice for those looking to hit the open road in a self-contained vehicle. A typical campervan can sleep two or three people and has facilities for cooking and washing. Generally, smaller groups do best in campervans as they offer relatively close quarters and often have no division between the living area and the driver’s cab. A campervan GPS tracker installs as easily as a tracker for a caravan. Any differences between them would be minimal.
  • Camper Trailer – More adventurous types may prefer a camper trailer for their trekks into nature. These are considerably smaller than caravans and have fewer amenities than other vehicles made for cross-country travel. These hitch to your tow vehicle and are popular options because they are compact and relatively light. Most types of camper trailers have a tent that pops out of the trailer and an awning to provide overhead cover. Pop-up kitchen and shower facilities are frequently attached to the tent, although the configuration varies between brands and price points. There are a few security options, but you cannot go wrong with a camper trailer GPS tracker.
  • Motorhome – If you prefer to travel in comfort and style, a motorhome might be precisely what you need for your next excursion. As the name suggests, you are self-sufficient in this type of vehicle, which can sleep between two and six adults. A bedroom, shower and toilet facility, kitchen and eating area are all standard. Even more luxurious appointments are offered, and a great deal of customisation is available, depending on the amount you would like to spend. The considerable size of your investment means you have a lot to protect. This makes a motorhome GPS tracker a vital piece of equipment.

If you are like many people who are on an excursion, you are towing a toy or two that will make your outdoor adventures even more exciting. Whether you have jet skis, a four-wheeler, or your favourite boat along for the ride, you can easily protect your investment by using a GPS tracking system. The added protection will take the stress out of your holiday.

Whether its for recreational purposes or professional maritime activities, the use of GPS in boats and jet skis has become an indispensable tool, promoting a seamless and secure waterborne experience.

Keep your leisure time fun and carefree with a caravan GPS from Simply Unified. Take advantage of top-of-the-line technology that is intuitive and created to enhance and simplify your vehicle’s security. You will have peace of mind knowing your caravan is continuously being monitored, and you can easily track it in real-time.

The GPS tracking device is just one of many helpful security products we specialise in at Simply Unified. To learn more about our products, please contact us. One of our product experts will be glad to answer your questions and offer advice about your options. Don’t waste another minute worrying about your caravan’s security.