Lone Worker Safety

Are you a lone worker? Do you run a company that employs lone workers? Perhaps you have a loved one who provides remote services or is in the emergency services industry. No matter which of these cases applies to you, you undoubtedly require guidance on how to ensure lone worker safety.

Workplace safety should be among the top priorities of a company. But what happens when a worker does not have anyone to interact with? What if there is no direct supervision, such as contractors and self-employed individuals? How can they call for help if they face any danger or, worse, have gotten into an accident?

We help you find the answers to the questions above. Simply Unified provides guides, tips, and informational articles that will help lone workers or their loved ones ensure their safety.

The company must provide multiple layers of protection to safeguard the person working alone or remotely. At the same time, it is also the worker’s responsibility to know how to reach out for help if danger should arise. Understanding how technology can aid remote or lone workers and having a clear idea of the potential risks can indeed be beneficial.

We have already prepared this blog post just for you regarding how lone worker safety can be improved. Check back often to read more articles about lone workers, their protection from known and unknown hazards, and even their health.