Asset tracking systems are an integral part of inventory management, and the latest technological advancements in the field have brought about a new level of global interconnectedness. These advances make inventory management straightforward and comprehensive.

The current asset tracking system is a far cry from the best efforts from the past. Speed, accuracy, and consistency are factors that have challenged inventory management all the way back to the days of manual counting and the punch card. Even the RFID asset tracking system can prove problematic in certain circumstances.

Here, we will examine these systems, singling out the numerous benefits and advanced capabilities that are at the forefront of inventory management. The most recent solutions are revolutionising the industry with exceptional battery life, durability, efficiency, and the option to connect across 180 countries.

Limitations of Traditional Methods

The international arena requires speed, accuracy, and adaptability. Long-established techniques used for years in inventory management systems, namely barcode and RFID, have glaring limitations in the face of a global marketplace with complex logistics.

For example, barcodes experience wear and tear from environmental conditions, and scanners must be in the direct line of sight to be effective. RFID can be efficient in a number of instances, such as simultaneous scanning, but it experiences interference from environmental factors and has a limited range.

Technology-Based Progress:  Connected Asset Tracking Systems

By integrating state-of-the-art technology, a new generation of connected asset-tracking systems offers solutions to the limits of barcodes and RFID. These systems include:

  • GPS asset tracking systems used for outdoor tracking of assets
  • Cellular networks facilitate far-reaching communication abilities

When these technologies are integrated, effective monitoring takes place. This provides accurate management and overseeing of assets in a variety of environments.

The Key Advancement: Optional International Coverage

A central attribute of asset management systems is the option for businesses to track assets in 180 countries. This near global coverage is essential to assist international companies in a number of ways. One of the system’s most valuable features is the real-time visibility of assets, no matter their whereabouts. Numerous companies benefit from this feature, including:

  • Global retail chains
  • Multinational logistics
  • Global Logistics

Enhanced Indoor and Outdoor Tracking Capabilities

Accurate monitoring of assets must be achieved regardless of where they are located. In some indoor areas, this can be challenging. However, indoor tracking is vital for businesses operating where a GPS may prove ineffective, such as warehouses, shopping centres, or other indoor areas.

Outdoor tracking capabilities excel because of the system’s use of cellular networks along with the extensive arm of GPS. The combined method ensures the tracking and monitoring of assets in transit in real time. This data allows for precise routing, fewer delays, and greater efficiency.

Advanced Global Security Elements

Knowing your assets are carefully monitored is critically important for businesses, whether your operation is local or international. Traditional systems were lagging in this area. However, you can rest assured that your assets and materials are secure when working with global inventory management systems. These have specific features vital for asset security, such as:

  • Tamper detection mechanisms
  • Geofencing options to limit the area your assets can travel
  • Real-time warnings for both features.

With these features, businesses can be sure about their assets’ whereabouts and make nearly immediate responses if alerted to a problem. These systems are vital parts of risk management in international business dealings.

Comprehensive Analysis of Global Asset Locations

The ability to give detailed analysis of asset movements and whereabouts is a significant benefit of the asset tracking system. You can receive vital information apprising you of the time your assets spent in transit, areas of inefficiency in the supply chain, and the optimal shipping route for your assets.

Analytical prowess like this is a game-changer in international business. By understanding patterns associated with various companies, it is possible to reap benefits such as:

  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Significant cost savings
  • Learning market trends
  • Navigating logistics issues
  • Projecting demands from various regions

Supply chain tracking

Benefits of Endurance and Extended Battery Life for International Use

Given that many tracking devices must operate in unforgiving environments, the exceptional durability of the asset-tracking system is a vital component. The IP-68 and IK06 ratings determine if systems can withstand the typical environments where they are used.

An IP-68 rating ensures the dependability of trackers deployed in harsh industrial areas or exposed to outdoor elements by determining if the trackers are dust-tight and able to endure immersion in water. The ability of the trackers to withstand the severe conditions in the shipping, manufacturing and construction industries is measured by the IK06 rating.

The asset tracking systems’ exceptional battery life is one of the ground-breaking innovations vital to the trackers. The batteries have a life span of ten years or more, which minimises the need for maintenance tests and replacement batteries. This makes global asset tracking feasible even in remote areas. Additionally, the extended battery life saves businesses money over time by vastly reducing the number of maintenance visits to remote locations.

International Affordability and Reliability

Even though the asset tracking system relies on an impressive array of sophisticated technology, they are affordable to small companies as well as global entities. Generally, the price of installation is $90 or less, and yearly service charges are just $45. The reasonable costs make the global asset tracking solution an exceptional value accessible to most businesses.

This unified tracking system’s dependability and optional international coverage in more than 180 countries enhance a highly valuable business solution.

Examples of Applications for Various Global Industries

Asset tracking systems have extensive reach and can transform the operations of a number of industries locally, nationally, and internationally. Examples include:

  • Agriculture – Farming operations, especially large-scale ones, see considerable benefits when using these tracking systems. Farmers gain valuable information regarding their operations from the ability to track livestock, farm equipment, and crop containers.
  • Construction and Mining – Operational productivity increases because of real-time information tracking systems can provide. Planning can be fine-tuned by chronicling equipment utilisation, location, and downtime to make the most of worker and equipment time.
  • Retail – An asset tracking system keeps owners and managers apprised of inventory and supply chain issues. The information is especially practical in the area of loss prevention.
  • Healthcare – Tracking systems save lives and increase efficiency by ensuring the availability of medical equipment as well as the timely availability and utilisation of essentials for patient care and facility operations.
  • Logistics and Shipping – By tracking and managing assets across borders, especially internationally, operations are streamlined, and deliveries are on time. Additionally, customer satisfaction dramatically increases.


When it comes to inventory management, we see numerous cutting-edge solutions brought about by connected asset tracking systems. While pressed to meet the complex needs of a worldwide marketplace, businesses are advancing because of the state-of-the-art tracking capabilities, extended battery life, and vast global coverage.

Companies can thrive in an ever-changing, interconnected environment where assets are managed without borders. Additionally, these innovations provide operational efficiency, improved security, and strategic insights. These are vital for businesses to outpace the competition while navigating international commerce and supply chain management.

No matter the scale of your company, Simply Unified will work with you to put the ideal asset-tracking system in place. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the many benefits we can offer your business.