Anyone who travels regularly knows the benefits of GPS technology, but businesses and everyday people can increase the benefits of GPS by exploring GPS tracking technology.

While the standard GPS is used for navigation, tracking technology is used to locate a person or a fleet vehicle via the GPS tracker. When placed on a vehicle or a person, the GPS tracking technology makes it simple to track the movements of everyone from your delivery driver to your sophomore high student to your runaway pet.

Intrigued? You should be. There are a lot of benefits associated with GPS tracking technology, and they can all be yours for one low price if you decide to rent a GPS tracker (or tracking system). What you need from your GPS tracking system will depend on whether you are a parent or a business owner looking at a fleet GPS tracker system.

However, what you gain from your investment will largely be the same: comfort and peace of mind. Take a quick minute to learn more about the benefits of GPS tracking technology and the benefits of renting a system over buying it.

Top 9 Benefits of GPS Tracking Technology

As mentioned, there are a lot of benefits that are associated with GPS tracking technology for both people and business owners. Here are just a few of the top ones.

1. Track Fleet Vehicles In Real-Time

Most businesses look into fleet GPS tracking technology because they want to keep an eye on their vehicles. Fleet vehicles are a significant investment for any company, so protecting that investment is key. GPS tracking technology allows business owners to check in on the location of their vehicles at any time and in any place.

2. Send Emergency Vehicles to an Accident

Another great reason to consider GPS tracking technology is that it can help in the event of an emergency. Vehicles that are used for long-distance travel always face the risk of accidents. You can minimize some of the risks for potential harm by tracking where vehicles are and promptly sending out emergency vehicles at the first indication of trouble.

3. Track Children or Pets

Children and pets have one thing in common, both are known to disappear if parents are not watching closely. Many parents who have children who walk home from school alone worry about where their kids are and if they have arrived home safely. GPS tracking eliminates that worry by allowing them to track their kids from one location to the next. The same principle is true of pets, who may wander too far if they sneak out of the home. A GPS tracker allows them to be promptly located and returned home.

GPS trackers are certainly a boon to every parent.

4. Ensure Employee Productivity

Once employees drive off your property it is hard to know what they are doing. Ideally, they are completing deliveries or heading to the job site, but there is no way to know for sure without GPS tracking technology. This type of technology allows you to track your employees so you can see where they go and what they are doing at all times. If there is any type of suspicious behavior you can promptly address it to ensure that your employees are productive when they are on the clock.

5. Create Geofences

Another great aspect of GPS fleet technology is that it can be used to create geofences. If work trucks are only supposed to travel certain pathways or between two destinations then geofences can be set up that alarm you as a business owner when drivers stray. This way you can promptly address the matter and ensure that all work vehicles are only used as intended.

6. Protect Aging Adults

Senior adults often develop dementia and Alzheimer’s as a result of their advanced age, which can lead them to wander away from their homes. GPS trackers are a great way to allow them to maintain their independence while also remaining safe.

7. Monitor the Driving Habits of Employees

In addition to tracking location, GPS tracking technology is often used to monitor the driving habits of employees. This may mean speeding, swerving, punching the brakes, etc. Keeping an eye on safe driving habits is a great way to protect the health of a vehicle.

8. Prevent Theft

While you hope to never have a fleet vehicle stolen, thieves do exist and they often target work vehicles that might be filled with expensive trade equipment. GPS trackers can help businesses recover their assets in the case of theft making the small rental costs very worthwhile.

9. Protect Lone Employees

Employees who drive by themselves on the road are subject to greater levels of danger, but a fleet GPS tracker system can help prevent it by allowing someone to always know where they are located.

The heightened risks that lone workers face result from a lack of frequent or direct supervision.

Top 5 Reasons to Rent Vs. Buy a Fleet GPS Tracker

The decision to purchase GPS tracking technology is often offset by the price of said technology. GPS technology is extremely sophisticated, which means that the outright price of a fleet GPS tracker may be outside of the budget of the average small business. However, this is where renting a GPS tracker can be a great move. Rental prices are very affordable and are a great way to explore the benefits your business will receive. Check out these top reasons to rent versus buy a fleet GPS tracker.

1. Save Your Cash Flow

Most small businesses struggle with cash flow because there are so many things that need to be accounted for just to keep the business doors open and running. Adding a fleet GPS tracker may seem like another wish list item that isn’t practical. However, by renting the GPS tracker technology you save money and protect your cash flow so that you can enjoy the benefits without freezing your assets. This alone is the number one business why so many small businesses take advantage of rental opportunities.

2. Meet Proof of Concept Requirements

Proof of concept or POC, is a business principle that requires a business to determine if an idea is something that should be made a reality. For instance, will your business benefit from the use of GPS fleet trackers? You can think about, and rationalize it, but you won’t know until you try out GPS tracking technology. By renting trackers you can in essence “trial” the idea out and get real data about the results. It may also reveal what features you need to enhance the efficacy of GPS tracking technology for your company.

3. Spread Out the Costs

The upfront cost of buying GPS tracking technology is high. There is simply no way around that fact, but when you rent a system you are spreading out the cost. Instead of worrying about the high costs of investing in new technology, rent it out and keep your overhead low so that you can keep business expenses balanced.

4. Offload Tech Support

If you purchase your GPS tracking technology you will be responsible for all upgrades, system management, and maintenance. However, if you rent these products, it falls on the rental company to handle these tasks for you. For small business that is not tech-savvy, this can be one of the most compelling reasons to rent instead of purchasing GPS equipment.

5. Relieve Some Stress Now

The most compelling reason to rent a GPS tracking system is that you can start to reap the benefits now instead of waiting until you can afford a system. You can sign up to rent a system today and in a few days have a complete fleet GPS tracker system set up and ready for use. The process of purchasing a system will never be that quick, nor offer such fast results.