Sensors are transforming how different entities operate. For example, farms experience the many benefits of sensor application through remote terminal units (RTUs). An RTU is a platform used to monitor sensors, mostly in the industrial scene. It is an unobtrusive and efficient wireless sensor that provides real-time information.

Farmers can get a more holistic view of how their farms operate, especially when they are not around. It’s fair to say that these sensors help farmers make more informed decisions than ever before.


How Remote Sensor Monitoring Can Benefit Your Farm

Remote terminal units are electronic devices that one or more microprocessors control. Data gathering is more optimised. Then, data will be processed and transmitted to the remote control centre. The central role of a remote terminal unit is to improve data acquisition. In that case, we can deduce that the biggest benefit the device can provide is better data capture.

Sensors for monitoring events in a farm can indeed revolutionise the way farmers handle information. They are collected and analysed to get a more realistic overview of the environment. These sensors provide real-time feedback, analytics, and other useful information, which allow farmers and farm owners to identify trends. That way, they can gain insights to drive improvements and prevent any disruption that could occur on their farm.

This brings us to the next benefit, which is increased efficiency. These microprocessor-controlled devices have a positive impact on all aspects of the farming business. For example, they help drive down the costs of energy while also boosting productivity.

Another great benefit has to do with space utilisation. If you own or run a farm, you understand that there is a constant requirement to look for ways to optimise layout, output, and processes. RTUs can be used with sensors that can detect and monitor the entire farm in real-time. Therefore, you can get more insight into how the area is being utilised. At the same time, you will learn if specific improvements will prove to be useful.

Farmers can take advantage of the acquired information to not only monitor crops but also discover where to improve. It becomes much easier to keep up with the ever-changing environmental factors, which have an effect on various aspects of farming, including productivity.

An RTU provides an all-in-one device for inspection, tracking, and checking the farm. It can control different systems and devices used for automation. It serves the same purpose as programmable logic circuits or PLCs, although an RTU works at a higher degree.

You can think of it as a self-contained computer where all the basics are included, such as the processor, memory, and storage. It is easy to see why RTUs are considered an intelligent system that can control other devices. Together, this setup allows the user to automate any farming monitoring process.


The Best Remote Sensor for Your Farm

As a farmer, one of your biggest goals is to understand your crops and perhaps the whole farm at a micro-scale. With the data gathered, you can find ways to sustain resources to help reduce environmental impact.

This method of monitoring in agriculture is nothing new. In fact, it had existed since the 1980s, which was the time when GPS was available for the public. Farmers took advantage of the nascent technology, which enabled them to map their crops and fields accurately. They also used the system to check certain areas that require fertilisers and weed treatments.

The Senquip ORB-X1Even though this technology was accessible back then, only a few remain dependable. Senquip SU-ORB X1 (picture) is the real complete platform for monitoring sensors that you currently use in your farm. Plus, there are 60 more that you can choose from. You can add up to 240 more sensors to continually check on your farm.

Many users select SU-ORB X1 to keep track of their poultry farms and monitor the following levels:

  • NH3 emissions
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Power supply

It’s the only remote terminal unit you require to get analytics and notifications of ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, supply voltage, and more – all in real-time. This RTU supports WIFI and 4G LTE connections, making it easy for you to monitor anything that you want remotely. You can save money, time, and effort because everything that you will ever need is right in front of you.

The device uses CAT-M1 GSM network, which guarantees top-notch coverage without consuming too much power.

Using Senquip SU-ORB X1 is simple. The installation and setup are so easy to follow. You can use your phone, laptop, or any device with the integrated web server. If any updates are required, you can use the Senquip Portal or your own server to transmit data.

SU-ORB X1 from Senquip comes with sensors that let you measure different elements in your farm, including:

  • Speed
  • Voltage
  • Position
  • Current
  • Tilt
  • Frequency

This device offers flexible measurement timing, which means it uses low power. You can choose to operate it using replaceable batteries, mains supply, or solar power.

Other features that can help you monitor your farm include:

  • Customisable notifications
  • The ability to write scripts, making this device incredibly adaptable
  • With multiple protocols, such as SMS, TCP, and MQTT
  • Secure data with safe communications and embedded certificates
  • With selections for mounting, including pole and wall mount
  • Durable and tough, since it is designed to operate even in harsh environments

The Senquip SU-ORB X1 lets you view and store data remotely. It also comes with an integrated light sensor for activating the ORB functions in case there is an attempt to open or tamper the lid.


Other Industrial Applications

RTUs are renowned for their versatility. The SU-ORB X1 is not only used by farmers but also in other industrial environments, such as:

  • Pump station networks, including wastewater collection, water supply, and the like
  • Mine sites
  • Environmental monitoring for pollution, air quality, and emissions
  • Air traffic for navigation aids
  • Oil and gas monitoring, such as onshore oil wells
  • Bulk liquid monitoring, such as for checking liquid levels, supply voltage, location, battery state, and ambient temperature
  • Industrial pressure for the safety of pressure vessels and checking of gas raw materials

Remote terminal units, such as Senquip SU-ORB X1, showcase automation at its finest. The smart sensors help increase precision in agriculture and industrial spaces.


Farmers are using smart technology to their advantage


They also reduce the need for the farmer to check the entire area for infestations, sick animals, and other issues. There is no more room for guesswork, which can improve production and efficiency.


Make Farm Monitoring Easier!

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