Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking devices enable users, including fleet managers, to monitor and track vehicles. They are portable devices that can provide real-time data like the location and speed of a car. All the information collected can be stored for later use. Certain GPS tracking devices allow you to set up alerts for specific situations, such as when a driver deviates from their regular route.

Car GPS tracking is similar to the navigation system you use in your vehicle. However, there are some subtle yet critical differences. One is that GPS navigation systems only give you a digital map with driving instructions so that you reach your designated point. Meanwhile, using GPS trackers allows you access to important information about an asset’s current location, its trip history, and other significant data that will then be broadcasted to a computer, smartphone, or any device.

Five Reasons Why You Should Use Car GPS Tracking to Manage Your Fleet

GPS remains a leader in fleet telematics. Thanks to this technology, businesses can obtain data about a specific vehicle or the whole fleet operation. If you are thinking about adding modern GPS tracking tools to aid in managing your fleet, you are making the best decision for your business. Here are five reasons why:

1. Car GPS Tracking Can Help Improve Cost Efficiency

GPS trackers monitor vehicles, helping fleet managers achieve better visibility of their operations. As a fleet manager, you need to know where the cars are. With the accumulated data, you can make decisions that will further improve your business’ operations and efficiency.

For instance, you run a courier company. By installing GPS tracking devices and using GPS tracking tools, you can identify the vehicle closest to a specific location. That way, you can assign that vehicle to go to that address to pick up or deliver a parcel. You can already see a huge difference because of the time saved whilst keeping fuel costs to a minimum.

You can also use the data you have gathered to track how much you are spending per kilometre and determine the revenue based on the distance. This is an essential piece of information because you can compare collected data, such as arrival times, stationary periods, and distances travelled.

2. Data Can Increase Driving Standards

If there’s one thing that fleet managers find complex, it is driver compliance. This particular area is hard to track because you cannot truly know a driver’s performance without the help of GPS trackers. Installing GPS tools increases not only business profitability and revenue but also enhances the security and compliance of your drivers.

Using GPS to track your fleet gives you driver data, allowing you to see which drivers practice safe driving and those who do not. It helps that drivers know that you have installed these trackers, however. Such knowledge can incentivise them to meet driving standards. Because they are more careful, they will avoid deviating from the correct route and be more conscious of their driving habits. You can already tell that it will help reduce the risk of accidents.

Fleet managers are aware that driving is a skill that should be improved. You can then use the GPS to see which drivers need development and training.

A smiling truck driver.

3. There Will Be a Lower Risk for Vehicle Theft

Everyone knows that vehicles are a valuable asset. Whether you have leased cars or own all of them, you want to make sure they are managed and protected every day. That way, you can use them for whatever purpose they serve at any given time. If your business heavily relies on your fleet, an instance of vehicle theft can put a significant dent in your processes.

Car GPS tracking is essential for any business. If a vehicle is lost or stolen, you have a bigger chance of recovering it. That’s because you can access the real-time location of your cars, which will then be displayed on the GPS device. This information can be forwarded to law enforcement, which can help in the fast recovery of the vehicle.

Remember that many thieves do not want to deal with cars that come with GPS trackers. They know that they can be traced and can quickly be prosecuted, so they’d rather leave your cars alone than get caught.

4. GPS Trackers Aid in Increasing Customer Satisfaction

One of the key benefits of GPS tracking for businesses is it offers a higher level of customer happiness. It’s easier to meet your customers’ expectations when you have data to compare. For example, let us again say that you have a courier company. Using GPS data can help you in delivering updates to customers in real-time.

You can also provide them with shipping and other related alerts. This gives customers the information they require so that they know when the parcel is on the way. At the same time, you notify them when it has been delivered. It helps protect your business whilst ensuring that they are satisfied with the service.

GPS tracking systems reduce downtime for every transaction. As mentioned above, you can select the vehicle nearest to a particular location, which enables prompt services. You can put up the most tantalising adverts, but the best ad will always be a satisfied customer.

Courier driver out for deliveries.

5. Car GPS Tracking Systems Help Reduce Administrative Burden

No one wants to deal with manual paperwork in this day and age. It’s difficult to handle tasks, such as determining the location of the vehicles and counting them one by one to ensure that they are all on-site on time when the day is done. You want to minimise the amount of work that you need to do so that you can have more time for other important jobs.

Using GPS tracking devices reduces manual work, such as making phone calls to drivers to track real-time locations. You can get an instant update by simply looking at the fleet management dashboard.

GPS systems are also beneficial in usage-based invoicing. For example, suppose you have an oil or gas company. In that case, you can accurately calculate the time spent on-site for each driver or vehicle to eliminate the burdens of manual invoicing. Fleet administrators can easily manage payroll and billing using location-based data with GPS.

Today’s challenges can be complex, particularly for fleet managers. GPS tracking devices have become a vital figure in taking care of your assets and investments. At Simply Unified, we offer essential trackers that ensure you get the information you need, such as vehicle location and use. It’s time to elevate your customer service, cargo security, and create a more optimised route for your fleet.

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