It’s quite interesting to look back on how we used to track things. Everything was manually done, including counting the items and writing the information in a logbook for inventory. Fast forward to several years later, the advent of GPS technology made tracking much easier with almost no human intervention. All you need to do is to check and use the acquired data for any purpose.

GPS trackers have proliferated over the years, becoming a consistent part of many people’s daily lives. They are a simple means of determining a particular asset’s whereabouts, such as cars, packages, and customer-bound products. In some instances, GPS devices are used for tracking people.

Personal trackers are smaller and easier to install. These devices allow you to share your location with your family and friends. In this guide, you will learn more about personal tracking devices and their uses. We categorise the applications into two: personal and business.

Tracking Devices For Personal Use

Personal tracking devices are portable, allowing you to carry them anywhere. They provide a straightforward method of tracking certain people or items. The units are practical, lightweight, and easy to use. They typically have an SOS function so that the user will only need to push a button to get assistance.

  • KidsWorried parents can get the peace of mind they need with a GPS tracking system. A discreet unit that you can tell your little ones to keep with them at all times. Whether your child is in school, at a playground, or even enjoying a field trip, you can rest assured knowing the kid’s range of motion.An excellent example of a GPS tracker for children is SU-7500. It’s a personal safety device that your kids can use, as well because of the following qualities:
    • Small and lightweight
    • Can conveniently be recharged
    • Waterproof
    • Live tracking
    • Location updates available every 60 seconds
    • SOS button

    Guide your child on how to use the SU-7500. It comes with plenty of features, including an SOS button, which can send quick alerts to five contacts. This affordable device already comes with a SIM card and data that you can use for up to 12 months. It is also packaged with free access to the unit’s software.

    The Duress Watch is also a useful tracking device for kids. You can teach your child to press the button trigger to give you alerts. Because it is a watch, your child will love wearing it.

  • PetsMost dogs love to run fast and are generally curious. It’s easy for them to take off and may not come back for many hours. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a device that you can just attach to your dog’s collar, for example, to know their location?As for those who own small dogs and cats, there is always a solution. SPOT Trace is originally designed as an anti-theft tracker, but you can also use this device for locating your lost pet. It’s small enough that your pet will not mind having it attached to them wherever they go. This tracker is powered by satellite technology, so you never have to worry if your pet slips into an area with weak or no reception.
  • ElderlyPersonal trackers help families take care of the elderly, particularly those who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Older people are more prone to falls, and they may not know where they are, so they cannot ask for help. It’s a good thing you can now detect falls through a combination of Fall Detection Pendant, Duress Bluetooth device, and the Duress App. They all work together to monitor and detect slips and accidents, offering live emergency video streaming, audio, and accurate real-time location.
  • Cars and Other ValuablesPrevent theft even when you’re away with personal tracking devices that you can install in your car, boat, motorcycle, and many others. The Gs63h is a dashcam with ultra HD 4k resolution that can record your trip. It complements your tracking device to detect your vehicle’s movement. SPOT Trace is a great option for real-time tracking, enabling you to learn where the valuables have been taken in case they were stolen.
  • Travelling and Outdoor AdventuresLost luggage is a common issue for travellers. You can once again use SPOT Trace to find the missing bag. This satellite tracker also uses GPS, so it has everything covered.Other SPOT devices are designed for those who love going hiking, cycling, or camping. SPOT Gen 3 and SPOT Gen 4 are useful for anyone who embarks on an outdoor adventure. Use these trackers to let your loved ones know you’re OK. They both have powerful features that let you send your location to contacts. They also allow you to communicate with emergency responders when quick assistance is necessary.

child with gps watch

For Business Use

Are you a business owner? If so, you know how crucial it is to keep track of your assets, including fleet vehicles and employees.

  • Remote WorkersIf you’re a remote worker, you know how crucial it is to let your loved ones know you are doing well. In case of an accident, you want responders to get to your location right away. SPOT X is a unique tracking device that provides two-way satellite messaging. That means you do not need to be within any network’s reach to send a message to a family member, friend, or employer.Duress Wearable is specially created for lone workers. If you work with miners, electricians, healthcare providers, and other remote employees, you need to provide them with this helpful device. It employs wearable technology that protects workers 24/7. They can send help to their team, notify managers, or call emergency responders with just a touch of a button.
  • Employee SafetyIt’s not always easy to communicate at a distance, especially with social distancing measures in place. You have plenty of options here, including Duress Wearable and Fall Detection trackers. Determine the risk that the employees typically face. Fall detectors are extremely beneficial for people vulnerable to falls, such as those working alone or at large sites where they cannot be easily seen or heard when in trouble. Workers in high-risk industries and those with medical conditions need to use fall detectors to get immediate help.Duress Falcon is another wearable device worn on the wrist. You can also opt to attach it to a lanyard. It allows you to send for police as discreetly as possible and even set a live stream of an incident.
  • Asset TrackingYou can find a wide variety of asset trackers here on Simply Unified. GPS trackers have added measures to secure assets, such as vehicles and inventory. You can find tracking devices, apps, and solutions that meet your needs as a business owner or manager. Choose an asset tracker with real-time data, worker monitoring capabilities, tech support, and reasonable pricing.

Add the devices you need for your team or your personal tracking requirements to your virtual shopping cart here at Simply Unified. You can also contact customer support to get more information.